The elusive enchantress

A recurring theme in eastern philosophy and western thought, maya, is an illusion that the individual consciousness is separate from cosmic consciousness. Maya itself manifests, perpetuates and governs this illusion of separateness or dualitytest Yaa Devi sarva bhooteshu, bhranti roopena samsthita,Namastasyei, namastasyei, namastasyei namo namaha(Salutations to the Divine Mother who abides in

Living on love and fresh air

For Jasmuheen, the popular phrase is a literal truth. She has been living on prana for the past 16 years and has a vibrant glowing presence to show for it. An interview with this amazing personage Prana is the essence of our divine nature When I first met Jasmuheen, a spiritual teacher from Australia, at a spiritual conference in Bangalore, I was quite taken by her beautiful glowing personality. She

A journey through anger

Dealing with an angry father and husband helped unfold a profound understanding of anger as an emotion My father was quick to anger. He also had an angry countenance, so one didn’t know when he was actually angry. All I remember is being very scared of his anger. Not that he shouted at me in particular; but hearing him shout at others was enough to make me determine never to give him a reason to be angry

The style of spirit

Clothing is what announces our inner nature to the world around. A special photo-feature on clothing for the spiritually awakened There is an innate style that the seeker emanates: natural fabric, earthy colours, unstructured fabric, and a non conformist and creative spirit. All of which find happy expression in the cornucopia of ethnic wear, eco-friendly clothing, and energising jewellery available today.

A new beginning

We commemorate the new year by inviting our distinguished panel of speakers at the LP Expo 2010 to offer us their insights Renew yourself!Swami Tejomayananda Swami Tejomayananda is the head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide. He is a living portrait of simplicity with depth, humility with courage, and wisdom with devotion. Progressive in thinking and precise in decision-making, he has inspired and

The Medical Marvel

The medicinal properties of various parts of the neem tree make fascinating reading Neem is called, ‘sarva roga nivarin’, in Sanskrit, meaning one that heals and cures all ailments. The humble neem leaf is indeed loaded with numerous properties. Neem toothpaste, soaps and creams are on display in most shops and adding neem leaves to bath water after a bout of chicken pox is a