Beyond Symbolism

Seekers identify with spirituality rather than religion but if we could think of religion free of its rituals, habits, creeds and beliefs, the two would be one. What is more, all religions would thereby reveal their essential unity, resolving one of the premier sources of discord in the world Fetter or Faith? The benchmark  If a practice does not resonate completely with human values, surely there is

Try a little kindness

Vinoba Bhave’s lofty example of using a humanist approach to resolve conflicts can teach us how to solve contemporary problems like the Telangana issue or the Maharashtrian manoos issueTelangana!” Each time I heard the word, I had a sense of deja-vu. And I heard it often enough as the issue of creating a separate Telangana state vaulted into the public domain, and newspaper headlines went

Religion is the zone of the more

Dr Paul R Fleischman, now a meditation teacher, shares some valuable insights on this deceptively simple but revolutionary practice, from the vantage point of one who has studied the mind The enigma of meditation is that it is at once deceptively simple, and yet endlessly mysterious. Add to it the aura of 5,000 years of lineage it enjoys, as a staple of most eastern religions, and you can see

Change your life

The one thing that binds all the facilitators who will be holding workshops at the LP Expo, is their powerful intention to help you make a quantum leap in your well-being NEWTON KONDAVETI: LOOK INTO YOUR PAST   On reaching the life that caused the basic problem in the right ankle, I saw that as a young Brahmin boy, I died hitting my right ankle at the bottom of a pool. As a soul when I watched that

Be Indian Stay Indian

A British psychotherapist lauds the unique Indian way of life and pleads with us to retain it despite the blandishment of Western culture It is late November and deep within the Himalayan jungles, trees tinged golden red, glisten in the breeze as they shed their leaves, withdraw their outpouring and take their in breath in. Cobras lay burrowed beneath, curled up for their hibernation. Above them nature’s

Amla - The wonder fruit

Amla provides much more than the high Vitamin C content for which it is known Nutritionalimmunology is a fascinating subject. The effect of food on our health is amazing. The western world’s capacity for research and documentation is a great help to all who study nutrition. Berries are the next super food according to research. It feels good to read this. India, a land of ancient