Giving so other may live

Sacrifice is in the very order of nature. if the seed didn’t sacrifice itself, it wouldn’t become a seedling. The bud dies so that the flower can bloom, and the flower dies to yield fruit. Human society too progresses only to the extent it is willing to sacrifice for the larger good Have you heard the story of Punyakoti, the noble cow who kept her tryst with a tiger because she had given

You are oneness

The author interviews Rasha, who has been channelling oneness, to find out how you can connect with your own divinity I met Rasha in Bangalore a couple of months ago. I was struck by her radiance. Her flowing white dress and long dark tresses made a pretty picture. I have never seen any angels, but Rasha came close to looking like one. I was mesmerised, and then I heard her speak. Her voice was like

Housekeeping for God

A shift in attitude turned household drudgery into a sacred act K Gitanjali is a teacher, writer, and healer, currently based in Bangalore. She is the discipleof Mahavatar Babaji. Contact: I have always been harumscarum, whenever it came to organisation and cleanliness. I always thought I had better things to do than housework. Cleaning the house and other chores like cooking,

A sacred union

Rites of passage are being uniquely injected with spirit. Here, two seekers consecrate their marriage with a moving ceremony seeking universal blessings Sangeeta Bhagwat anchors the event When two seekers decide to tie the knot, chances are that they will bring their sensibility to the marriage ceremony. More and more are choosing to craft a celebration that is personally meaningful and

A tryst with spirit

Over 150 delegates from all over india and even abroad converged at Delhi during the life positive expo 2010 for a heady exposure to innumerable mind- and life-expanding ideas and experiences L to R: Swami Sukhabodhananda lights the inaugural lamp as Life Positive’s Aditya Ahluwalia, DR Kaarthikeyan and Suma Varughese look on. Smt Jaya Row deconstructs desire. Swami Tejomayananda on transformation. Mr

Consume with caution

The market is flooded with soya milk, chips, nuts and more, promising high nutritive value. but only fermented forms of soya are good for health During my growing years, I had never heard of soya. When I did, it sounded like an exotic food from abroad that visiting relatives brought with them. In fact, my first taste of soya was in the form of soya milk. This was a replacement for a child, who was