Chakras : An inbuilt growth detector

Located within our astral body are seven vortices of energy called chakras that hold the secret of our emotional, mental, and spiritual maturity. Through balancing the chakras and the energy needs they represent, we grow until we attain enlightenment CHECK YOUR GROWTH GRAPHMooladhara: How secure are you?How often have you felt distraught at an imagined future event?   a) Often b)

Freedom is just letting everything come and go

These excerpts from Jacqueline Maria Longstaff’s latest book, Kaleidoscope reiterate her teachings on being a witness to the dramas of the mind The lightness of Jacqueline’s teaching still amazes me – the way she moves between playfulness and strictness, freedom and discipline. Her teaching is a total surrender to the here and now – an open hand – and at the same

Turning the other cheek

Our capacity to appreciate Mahatma Gandhi is in direct proportion to our spiritual maturity Chitra Jha is a life-skills coach, past-life regression therapist, ‘new consciousness’ teacher and writer. E-mail: I grew up in a family of Gandhians. My grandfather followed all Gandhian principles to the letter and kept quoting the Father of the Nation at all times.

Demanding Miracles

The co-founders of Devadhara healing explain the logic of psychic energy healing, its issues, guiding principles, and opportunities The play of energies Want to perform a miracle? Lift your arm. You have performed a miracle! Billions of cells meshed together. Impossible calculations were performed. But do we appreciate the sheer genius that has gone into our simplest actions? No. We take it

The greatest spiritual show on earth

The author visits the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar to marvel at the force of faith A sea of religious fervour With nearly 30 lakh pilgrims gathered to take shahi snaan on the auspicious day of amavasya at Har Ki Pauri at Haridwar on 16 March, a current of spiritual energy was perceptible in the air. Wherever the eye wandered, it encountered a throng of people from not just across the country, but the entire

A market for mystics

The exhibition zone of the Life Positive Expo, 2010, at India Habitat Centre in Delhi had many stalls offering an array of holistic healing techniques, alternative therapies and other well-being aids to the visitors From Unani medication to theta healing, from crystal therapy to aura reading, from breathing in the right manner to reaching your subconscious through hypnosis – all conceivable