The Uncertainty principle

Can we learn to move from the many what-ifs that consume us with fear to a serene acceptance of what is? A few days back while mulling over this story, I was having lunch with a friend at her club. I had just about had the last morsel on my plate when she got a call. Her aunt, who had been ailing for a few months, had passed away. My friend’s son, said the caller, would pick her up in 10 minutes to take her

A new beginning

An interview with Krishna, founder of One World Academy, a breakaway group from the humongous Oneness organisation A few months ago the spiritual world was rocked by news of a massive split in the Oneness organisation, founded by Amma and Bhagavan in Vardiapalem (see cover story, Life Positive, September 2006). Krishna, the son of the founders, along with the three principal teachers (called acharyas in their

The shaping of a life

An experience of grace in action Jasmine Bharathan works as a psychotherapist.She practices ‘being out of her mind’ andsupports others who want to do the same Her website: Recently, while we were returning home from a lovely weekend trip, my friend and I wanted to look at some plant holders and knick-knacks made of clay.Near the Mumbai Naka at Nasik, the

The Big No

Rejection hits all of us at different times in our life. If we can learn the lessons it holds for us in the maw of its pain, it can vault us to greater self-esteem and acceptance Priyanka Kumar (name changed), a stylist in Mumbai, was devastated when within a month her three-year relationship with her boyfriend broke down, she lost her job, and her pet dog passed away. She had been pushed out of the space she

This fast food works wonder

Our ancestors knew what they were doing when they selected food for fasting, learn more about Rajgira, one of the fasting food Psst, the next superfood is here. But hey, don’t hare off to the nearest health food or fancy mall. This superfood is a deep and endemic part of Indian culture and is available at every humble grocer’s shop. We are talking about the amaranth grain. It goes by the

The Magnetic cure

Magnet therapy can help to cure a variety of diseases The healer uses a magnet under an acupressure stick It is said that queen Cleopatra of Egypt slept with a magnetic stone on her forehead, believed to maintain her charm, youth and vigour. The Egyptians also followed the laws of magnetism in the pyramids which prevented the degeneration and decay of the mummies.According to old Hindu tradition, a