Sweet solutions to life’s little troubles

Life is nothing but a series of problems, posed by the great examiner above. often, it is the vexing little issues of everyday life that stymie us. here are a few spiritual and practical ways to handle your hassles Life has a way of pressing our buttons and visiting upon us the very things we find hard to take. Hate traffic jams? You may be sure that each time you hit the road, a lockjam will

In God’s time

There is a sense of calmness and a deep silence, when we surrender to the almighty Two relationships have matured, and I feel the need for them to move to the next level. Both are marred by characteristics which are indicative of relationships that have completed the full circle, and either need to move on to the next level, or simply die out. Friction and tension arise, when we interact or lie dormant, pregnant

A new education for a new world

Lady Shruti Rana, who is hosting a conference on world education in New Delhi early next year, offers a preview of its possibilities An educationist, musician and exponent of Indic traditional knowledge systems, Lady Shruti Rana is also an Indic psychologist and health consultant and works towards social empowerment and wellness of women, youth and ethnic communities. Shruti was awarded the

Role-playing? Get real

Just like crabs discard cracked shells, we too need to give up our outdated or non-functional identities and be flexible Are you your job?Ponder on these questions to see how much of your identity you derive from a particular role or thought.• Do you feel empowered by your job?• Do you indulge in a diverse range of activities other than your job?• How do you feel about learning a new skill

The truth about milk

Once a strong advocate of eliminating all dairy from the diet, the author now feels some amount of dairy is necessary to maintain good health. find out why! There was a time when milk was a major part of my daily diet. Three glasses of full-fat milk laden with sugar, along with a generous helping of thick curds at mealtimes, was my daily intake. As I grew up, more dairy was added to my diet.

The science and art of transformation

Matrix energetics is a new form of energy medicine that has the capacity to heal instantaneously through the power of intent. could this be the ultimate healing technique of our times?   In the cover story on Emotional freedom Techniques(EFT), in the July issue of Life Positive, the author had mentioned that with the quickening tempo of everyday life, healing was also becoming quicker and