The buck stops here

Responsibility is one of the most powerful indicators of our emotional and spiritual maturity. Indeed, our spiritual progress can be measured by the degree of responsibility we assume for our lives, and that of others Rahul, pick up your toys before going down to play! Be responsible for your things,” yells Pallavi, his mother, as my eight-year-old neighbour scurries to take his bicycle

It’s not the economy, stupid!

Why worshipping the economy is not in our best interests Do you recall Clinton’s election credo? ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’ For several years now he and other world leaders including our own Manmohan Singh have been pandering to the Eeconomy as if our lives depended on it. This leads to almost insane conclusions. Recently, I read an article in Newsweek that trotted out weighty evidence to prove that

From darkness to light

A rigorous retreat centre idyllically located in Dharamsala is helping meditators get in touch with their highest self Z Meditation Centre: Verdant locale Deep in the heart of the Himalayas, under the shadow of the Dalai Lama’s abode, nestled among verdant greenery, stands a pretty pink and white building. Its walls have played host to the whole spectrum of human emotions, confusion, pain,

You can make a difference

Efforts, big and small, make a difference to our own lives and sometimes to those of others To make a difference and lead a wholesome lifeAcceptThe first step in doing anything that we may wish to do is always acceptance of ourselves, and the circumstances in which we find ourselves. PrioritiseOne can spend a few minutes in thinking about what our priorities are.Do not compete or ponder on what might have

The healing stream

The Bruno Groening circle of friends is one of the largest spiritual healing groups in the world The late Bruno Groening: healer par excellence I am sitting on the terrace of a house in salubrious Shimla, surrounded by pine trees. The air is crisp and fresh, though a shade sharp, and most of my companions are sheathed in a jacket or shawl. Our small group of Indians and Westerners is listening with

Rice is nice

This much-maligned popular comfort food is in reality, healthy and fat-free! There are so many myths and misunderstandings about food in general. Many of us avoid a particular food, because we think it is unhealthy. One of the most maligned food items is rice.How is this possible, when all of us have grown up with rice as a part of our daily diet? A typical Indian meal is incomplete without rice.