Through the mind and out

Jnana Yoga, or the path of the intellect, is tailored to the modern mind. Here, the seeker takes nothing on trust. Instead, he uses the mind like a laser to penetrate the illusions of maya until only the truth remains. That God alone is At 16, I thought my life would be like anyone else’s,” says educationist Harvinder Kaur, ‘but very persistent questions wanted answers. Questions

Walking the path of beauty

Learning to live in the moment and appreciate everything around us can lead to a direct communion with the almighty All of us are attracted to beauty – be it beautiful things, people, or places. Beauty can also be one of the easiest, simplest, and most direct paths back home to God.Most of us are aware that there is one God. As all aspects flow from this one source, there is, of course,

Goddess of big things

Encountering the enigmatic and beautiful Sri Radhe Guru Ma whose followers testify to her transformative power in their lives Ma’s Message• Seek what you wish from the Great Giver – Lord Bholenath. It is not really necessary to keep visiting me. Pray to the power that governs the universe and all your wishes will be granted • Don’t chase money for money’s sake• Do not

The Guest is God

Hosting Ganapati for six days is a heady experience of devotion, celebration and creative joy. Ganapati Bappa Moraya! Three words but what a wealth of devotion, love and dedication they evoke in my heart! Although all the country loves the lord, we Maharashtrians cannot help claiming him for our own. After all, no other part of the country receives the Lord with as much ceremony as we do. No other

Healing Waves

Radionics might strike you as magical or unbelievable, but it works. Exploring a new method of healing which uses vibrations Imagine cutting off a strand of your hair and giving treatment to it for any disease you may have! Finding it quite bizarre, I decided to probe deeper and find out the truth of the matter. What I stumbled upon is a branch of vibrational treatment called radionics.Dr

Be a loser, holistically!

Confused by the latest research statistics and new-fangled jargon? Try these time-tested techniques that are effective and safe Weight loss has become the core of most gym-centric health regimes, rather than the focus on keeping fit. Caught between confusing jargon like Body-Mass Index (BMI), conflicting new researches, and the like, the lay person finds it almost demotivating to lose weight. Here are a few