Sharing is Caring

When we share, we break out of the boundaries of our ego and recognise the humanity of the other. Sharing breeds inter-dependence, happiness and harmony. For a planet with limited resources, sharing is the way forward. There are three kinds of givers in the world: The stone, the sponge and the honeycomb. To get anything out of a stone, you must hammer it; even then it only yields chips and

Winged Wisdom

When a hovering insect disturbed her meditation, the author discovered that there was a lesson to be learnt. Every morning, I sit in my sun room (when you live in Srinagar, you need a sun room!) facing the east, and letting the early morning rays soak me in their radiance while I meditate. This morning, as I was flowing with the bliss of my in-breath and out-breath, breathing in all that is and

Allah`s Favourite Brahmin

The curious tale of how a Hindu boy committed the Holy Quran to memory, earned a degree in Islamic studies and fell in love and married a Muslim girl. ‘Na main deval, na main masjid, na Kabe-Kailash mein.’‘I’m not in the temple or the masjid,not in the kaba or the kailash.’-KabirA Pathan friend of mine, an Urdu novelist and poet, says Ramesh Mishra is too naive to

Turning Green

The vegetarian way in a world of carnivores is fraught with mine-traps for the unwary – with an occasional sublime experience. I was born to vegetarian parents and brought up in a vegetarian household. For the most part, my circle of immediate family and friends were vegetarians, and that is the only diet I knew and accepted. I never gave this aspect of daily life any thought.It was after

From discomfort to comfort

In order to reach a stage of comfort and stability on the mat, one must be willing to sacrifice one’s comfort zone. Shameem Akthar has trained as yoga Acharya withthe Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Kerala, andis a master-trainer in neuro-linguistic If yoga is about breaking patterns you cannot be fussy and cringing about

A Return to form

Alternative therapies like herbalism, ayurveda, acupuncture and homeopathy have several cures for impotence. Oils of passionLocal application oils for massage as per the patient’s body constitution (vata, pitta or kapha) to promote topical circulation is also recommended in ayurveda. The base oil used is usually til or sesame. Medicinal substances are added to the oil based on the constitution of the