Parenting in the New Age

Seers, Mystics and Teachers say the world is at the cusp of an important shift in consciousness. It is important that we raise conscious children who become partners, agents of change and winners in this new world. Starting YoungThere are organisations across the world like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living, Chinmaya Mission Bal Vihar (5-12 years) and Chinmaya Yuva Kendras (14-28 years), and Sadhu

The Quintessential Vedantin

Meet Swami Bodhananda Saraswati, renowned teacher of Vedanta and founder of 11 organisations and noted speaker at the LP Expo 2011 in March this year. Swami Bodhananda has often been described him as a cool, ‘cutting-edge’ swami. It was no surprise therefore that when I called him for an interview and wound up with a respectful “Pranam Swamiji”, he responded with a “See

Alone In The Crowd

You came alone and you will leave alone. In between, you will want the world to be a part of you, and that will be your struggle. All our unhappiness comes from our inability to be alone. The truth is, even if you can feel one with everybody, you are not a part of anybody. Truly happy is he who is alone and yet feels complete by himself. If you have to tread the unknown, you have to go alone. To be a

Swami Ramdev`s Dream

Swami Ramdev has a dream and that is to make yoga with its potential for perfect physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health accessible to all. A report on an international conference on Yoga for Health and Social Transformation held by Ramdev`s Patanjali University at Haridwar recently. Missionary of yoga: The phenomenal Swami Ramdev addresses lakhs during a yoga event.It was a grand

Crunch into Good Health

You could eat carrots because you want great skin, shiny eyes and great hair or just because they are so delicious and juicy. Carrot Bell Pepper SoupCarrot – 250 gms Red bell pepper -1Onion – 1Water1 clove garlicSalt and pepper to tasteWash and cut all the above ingredients. Add water and put it on a slow flame. Grind it to a pulp. Add salt and pepper. Serve hot. According to

A Double Whammy

A consistent growth in your asana and pranayama practice is also simultaneously a spiritual adventure and progress.   Shameem Akthar has trained as yoga Acharya with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Kerala, and is a master-trainer in neuro-linguistic psychology. Unfortunately, there seems to be a trend to act as if yoga is split