The Facebook Sangha

Facebook is not just bringing seekers together in unprecedented numbers but is also helping them evolve and grow. Can it be the pivot on which the new age is hinged? “Life is neither a battle to be won, nor a game to be played. It is a joy to be experienced.” – Ellaeenah “Often closer home our blindness is the deeper. Closest to home is our own self. It is worthwhile to


When you mistake your net-worth for your self-worth, you devalue yourself During the last few decades the concepts of self-worth and self-esteem have exploded into the arena of personal development with a flurry of books and courses promising to restore what was almost unheard of only a couple of decades ago. Self-worth and self-esteem mean almost the same thing. Both point towards the idea of

A modern mystic

Meet Divyaa Kummar, a contemporary Spiritual Teacher who represents a new model of the guru persona When Chitra Jha, one of Life Positive’s regular writers, informed me that I had an enlightened mystic in my own city and that her name was Divyaa Kummar, I was inclined to scoff at first. However, I soon discovered that she was one of my fb buddies, and that her notes, about which Chitra waxed

Make Your Inner Critic your Inner guide

Thwarted, Ignored or Feared, the inner critic can cripple you. Treated with awareness and compassion, it can be a wonderful guide in the journey called life The Snow Queen, an allegorical story by Hans Christian Anderson, fascinates me more today than when I first read it as a little girl. It is the story of a wicked hobgoblin who decided to make a looking glass with a difference. This special

Get Healed The Crystal Clear Way

By working on the Energy Imbalance in Chakras, which are conduits for the Universal Energy, Crystals can heal your body, mind and spirit Chakras are the energy centers that aid a person to draw in energy from the universal energy fields. Balanced and open chakras lead to a healthy, continuous flow of the energy, or the prana, throughout the body. A person with healthy chakras enjoys physical,

Mind it!

When we try to execute a technically perfect yoga pose, we are also practicing mindfulness. Shameem Akthar has trained as yoga Acharya withthe Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Kerala, andis a master-trainer in neuro-linguistic Some yoga schools dismiss the learning of new poses as a gym stunt. However, one important reason for