Birthing the New Age

Sages, saints and savants are unanimous in their contention that the new age of love, peace, harmony and brotherhood can only be birthed by women. Here’s why A few days back I watched an old film on TV: Yentl. Barbra Streisand essayed the role of an ardent Jewish religious scholar in the early 19th century in Europe. Only she belonged to the wrong sex. Leafing longingly through the pages of a

Man breaks, Shakti integrates

Women with their capacity for integration and synthesis can do a lot of good for the earth, which is grossly mismanaged by men Women fashion the soul of a nation. They hold fast to tradition and sustain the continuity of a people. – Sadhu Vaswani Time and again, I have had occasion to recall the stirring words of my beloved Gurudev, Sadhu Vaswani, “The woman-soul shall lead us upward

Streem time, Shakti integrates

The divine feminine expressed in the divine mantra streem can be used for creating more humane blueprints for living and doing business. In the tradition of yoga meditation, the first initiation is with a personal mantra. The mantras are often accompanied by bija-mantras or seed words that carry great potency but cannot be translated. One of the most powerful seed words is streem. This seed

Allowing the Feminine to Flow

When music, art, love and care become as important as economics, women will probably have more of a role to play in the world than men Never before in the history of humanity has a woman had the opportunities that she has today, simply because technology has levelled the playing field. When physical strength determined life, naturally the masculine dominated. Now that technology has leveled

Women are Born Leaders

Women are a great force because they are intelligent planners, brilliant executioners and possess the ability to relate from the heart Women have both gentleness and strength. Indian scriptures recognise the tremendous amount of power in women. In fact, the primordial energy known as shakti, the life force behind entire creation, is feminine. That is why our scriptures honour women as the

The Women are here

Men had their go at running the World and what a mess they have made of it! There is Hope only if we let women run the show The World Under WomenHow will the world look like with women in charge? We asked our special in-house expert 1. In case of breakdowns in diplomatic talks, the leaders would hold each other and start weeping. Each time there are some deaths or a war, the response would be emotional 2.