Homes after your heart

Architects of the New Age are creating organic, sustainable, energy efficient houses that draw on local traditions of construction, craft and labour. Building Castles of MudSelf-taught architect Didi Contractor speaks to Life Positive on the art and craft of building holistic homes You build with mud. Can one build such houses in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore or Delhi? Building, like most other human

A Life Well Lived

Three parameters with which to gauge the quality of your life When you study in the same school for 14 years from your lower kindergarten to 12th standard, your school becomes your second home. This is certainly the case with Jai who will be passing out of school this year. Almost everyone, teachers and students, knows that Jai has no competition for the coveted Best Outgoing Student award. This evening will be the

In Gut We Trust

Author, teacher and visionary, Llynn Robinson says trusting the sixth sense, or the gut, can go a long way in helping one achieve success in dealing with life’s biggest challenges In a material candyfloss world of receding dreams and fleeting relations, author, teacher and visionary, Lynn Robinson, assures her clients and readers something concrete – success in life through intuition. Besides intuitively

Knowing, playing, growing

A rich brew of powerful workshops, illuminating discourses, retail therapy, free services and the presence of kindred spirits made the Life Positive Expo an experience of a lifetime Excitement reigned at the India Habitat Centre on the morning of March 25. It was the beginning of the Life Positive Expo, the three-day body-mind and spirit fest organised by Life Positive Foundation and Life Positive magazine.

Grand parents

The unique role that grandparents play in a child’s life can be a source of lasting joy, strength and nurturance ‘Come on, dear. The loss of one bedspread is nothing compared to the tremendous talent Samyukta has displayed,” said my mother-in-law when I admonished Samyukta, my then three-year-old daughter for not keeping her paints away from the new bedspread. Amma was right. In the process, of ruing

Forever foods

What our ancestors once regarded as the acme of sensible eating is the nutritional wisdom of our times When it comes to food, we have come full circle. The pillars of our traditional cuisine are today hailed as miracle foods. Recent research now proves that these traditional stalwarts boost memory, improve concentration, restore physical performance, increase immunity and reverse disease. Here is the list of miracle