The circle of life

Ancient route to absolution

Ancient route to absolution

By Muskaan Sharma   Healing Ground in the Ancient Tamil Siddha Tradition by Stephen R Grissom Siddha Varma Healing, LLC Paperback INR 1,517; pages 416 Exploring the healing ground in the ancient Tamil Siddha tradition, Stephen R Grisson author of Rivulets of the Absolute, thoroughly distills the essence of spirituality. Siddhas, the masters of pure consciousness, preserve their knowledge by a tradition of secrecy and

Frolicking towards forgiveness

Still the breath to still the mind

By Saraswati Vasudevan Control your agitated mind by stilling the breath to regain calmness and equanimity, says Saraswathi Vasudevan Yes, we see the apparent contradiction in these lines. When people come with problems in the body, the assumption is that the cause is purely physical/physiological and we (the self/mind) are not contributing to it. The very fact that you are disturbed by it is enough to come in the way of