One of a kind

One of the key tasks of the spiritual journey is to discover what matters; what we stand for; and to live according to the promptings of our soul I remember this incident as if it just happened. Despite more than a decade having passed, it still evokes freshness; much like the just fallen rain as it whips up the scent of the earth. At a personal growth workshop, the facilitator asked what would be

What`s the use of it?

How valid is it to assess everything on the basis of utility? And what kind of world will it create? A few months ago, I was teaching history of the World War II to a class of 14-year-olds. While most of the class was plodding through the lesson, I noticed one girl making no effort to be involved. When I confronted her with her lack of interest, her response was: “Why should I pay

Mother Divine

Shree Maa, a saint who considers Sri Ramakrishna as her guru in spirit, is drawing hundreds of seekers with her teachings on the wonderful power of puja and mantras SHREE MAA’S MESSAGEThe best way to pray is with mantra, literally, that which takes away the mind. Now when you have a stimulus and you are ready to respond, use a mantra and take away your mind. Take a breath and put a mantra with your breath.

God`s green alphabet

A tree is God’s miracle manifested. Like a mother, it feeds many. It is a home as well as refuge for all who seek its shade. LP photographers Shreela Nair, Sanjoli Sharma and Arti Rao capture share some images of these trusted friends across the country All things share the same breath – the beast, the tree, the man… the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports. -Chief

Magical baths

Bathe yourself with prescribed herbs, flowers and essences, to rejuvenate your mental, physical, psychic and spiritual self and return to energetic wholeness Baths! They evoke different emotions in different people. For some, a bath is an exercise in self-indulgence – candles, scents and oils. Others abhor bathing. To most, it is merely a hygienic necessity. And finally, there are those for whom

Cancer, God and grace

The story of an anguished cancer patient’s journey from the pits of despair to healing of self and others through faith, meditation and spirituality BK Chandra Shekhar says he underwent the trauma of cancer so God could use him for a higher purpose “He chose me not because of my abilities but for my empathy with the pain and suffering of fellow cancer patients,” says Chandra Shekhar, a rajyogi,