Happiness, right here, right now

Being gloriously joyful is invariably a matter of choice. It is ours to have, where we are, to who we are, and in this very moment. Happiness is a matter of choice!” Fifteen years ago, I would have dismissed this claim as mere platitude. But now, after having struggled and successfully come out of years of depression and unhappiness, I feel qualified enough to assert that if I can make it, so

One workshop, five ahas!

A seeker attends a transformational workshop and discovers insights of stunning power When I read Dr Newton’s first book, Consciousness Heals, in December 2007, it resonated with me. So much so that I contemplated creating a workshop based on the book! That workshop never materialised, but in March 2011 Dr Newton gifted me his wonderful workshop by the same name We, some 30-odd participants, went

When chakras meet neuroscience

Internationally recognised pharmacologist Dr Candace Pert speaks with Robert Millett on her research into the role of endorphins, emotions, and chakras in healing, happiness and mastery of life BASICS OF THE ENDORPHIN EFFECTThe key element of the Endorphin Effect is the fact that the unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. So just by merely thinking about a

Beans in the balcony

Intrepid city framers driven by ecological, health and economic concerns are growing food organically in smallest of domestic spaces USEFUL LINKS• Dr BN Vishwanath of Bangalore can be contacted for workshops on urban farming for pleasure and profit on 28485717, 9845627217.Email: vishy_Kadur@yahoo.co.in• Contact urban farming expert Deepak Heilekar of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad who organises workshops on

The seed superlative

Jeera adds flavour to Indian food even as it delivers a powerful healing touch, and permeates memories with its fragrance What would life be without jeera? Just the word, jeera (cumin), brings to mind a host of Indian delicacies – aaloo-jeera, jeera with lemon water, mung with jeera, steaming curries with a tadka of jeera. My God, the list is endless! Indian cuisine is unimaginable without

Butt Off

A poignant tale of one man’s struggle with addiction to cigarettes and how he kicked the butt Ask smokers if they know that smoking kills and they will probably reply in the affirmative. We pick up all sorts of habits all our life and before we know it, we are hooked. Why, moreover, do we continue with the habit even though we know perfectly well that it is harming us? The reason is we are