Enough, already

Contentment is the peace we earn if we excel in the school of life; it is the cup that life’s victors hold. What stops this sublime quality from seeping into our lives and how can we attain it? Francis Carvalho is my medical insurance agent. In all my years of dealing with him, I have never seen him lose his cool even when I have raved and ranted about the steep rise in the cost of medical

When friends set me free

Entrenched in the trauma of a difficult marriage, the author slowly came to life through the support and care of her Facebook friends It is amazing how help can come from the most unexpected of quarters, as long as you are in receiving mode. For me it came from friends on Facebook, an internet social networking site, which I initially dismissed as a teen time pass. Just like a single, lit

Krishna`s dasa

Meet Swami Udit Chaithanya, a Vedanta and Bhagavatam teacher who travels across the world promoting the eternal values of Indian spirituality Perhaps the greatest need of our times is to present and promote the eternal teachings of India’s rishis in a way that inspires and convinces the modern mind. That is the mission that drives Swami Udit Chaithanya (44), a teacher of Vedanta

Feng Shui for prosperity

Prosperity is yours, if you can implement these simple but effective changes based on feng shui, says the author  This is the age of high-rise buildings. Most people find living in an apartment more convenient and economical as well as more secure than an independent house. But since we have less control over the various directions of the rooms and doors, it makes sense to avail of a

The sacred life

Rituals form a framework of meaning and continuity in our lives, but they can also become, in time, iron cages that fetter and bind. Can we renew these rituals and restore their significance or even create new ones? Gathering flowers for a pooja is an intricate process involving many rules and observances Some stories are so old that no one can remember when they were first told. One such story is

Fire in the belly

Slurp up some spicy and sharp rasam this monsoon to keep you fighting fit and raring to go The much awaited monsoon is finally here. Though the temperature is cooler, the monsoon also heralds the arrival of a host of diseases. In order to ward these off, it is important to eat foods that will boost immunity and support you to stay healthy. One such food item is rasam. Rasam is simply a South