Heal your roots

Is your relationship with your parents holding your life at ransom? Unless healed, these primary relationships can adversely affect all other relationships and also impede your progress and financial well-being Healing affirmationUse this affirmation to wash away your painMy parents, too, were once children. Now is the time for me to stand up on my own two feet, to support myself, to think for myself, to

The awakening

How an unassuming head of the Chitrapur Saraswat Math rallied his people towards humanity and God. It was a crucial turning point. Success, applause and prosperity could not quell that definite unease, that growing certainty that this just was not enough. I found my normal composure interrupted repeatedly by questions like “Who am I and what am I seeking?” “If there is a

The Three Seeds

Thousands of years ago, we planted three seeds that would sprout at the time that our journey of Separation reached its extreme, and help us return to source. Charles Eisenstein is the author of The Ascent of  Humanity, Sacred Economics, and other books.www.ascentofhumanity.com Once upon a time, the tribe of humanity embarked upon a long journey called Separation. It was not a blunder

Two trees one life lesson

Deep in the rain forest, in the company of verdant giants, love happened. Carry on,” I said to the group. We’d come to a stream. It was not deep. Or wide. We needed to step over about seven rocks to get to the other bank. The group wanted to climb the hill on the other side. Carry on. I picked my way on mossy rocks, careful not to plunge into the water with my new camera. And on a long

So sweet!

The rotund sweet potato has a wealth of goodness hiding within its stout frame. Sweet potatoes are among the unsung heroes of a balanced diet. For a reasonable number of calories you get loads of nutrients! My own acquaintance with it in childhood was restricted to religious festivals or when someone was on a fast. In Hindu fasts, vegetables and grains are eschewed in favour of fruits, dry

Wheels of revolution

Cycling is emerging as the preferred mode of transport in India for those who wish to get back in shape, save fuel, and be a friend of the Earth. Cycles and Women’s LibBut there’s this to think about: at least bicycles don’t have back seats, like cars do, and you know what goes on there! – AnonymousIn the early 19th century, conservative Brahmin families of Pune were shocked at the