Failing forward

It’s okay to fail. It can even be instructive to fail. For in the school of life, failure is de rigueur to help us correct perspectives, come down to ground reality, learn valuable lessons and help us grow, says Anisha Anilraj Before I started writing this article, I took a long walk and mulled over times in my life when I have failed. I thought about circumstances, feelings, and the impact

India`s Big Brother

Meet Anna Hazare, whose clarion call for a corruption-free India has united the nation as nothing else in recent times. This 1991 interview by Rukmini Shekhar throws a searching light on his thoughts and motives THE ANNA EFFECTEven as we at Life Positive decided to carry this interview with Anna, the news broke about his success at getting the government to pass the Jan Lokpal bill in the Parliament. All of

Bless and be blessed

As human beings, blame comes more naturally to us, but if we bless the person or situation, it is a blessing for us too, muses Ruchira Sehgal One day, while sitting in a coffee shop I looked in the mirror and saw a stranger. I was looking miserable. I was going through a rough patch and being happy seemed a challenge. I kept asking myself, ‘What do I do to be happy? I meditate, I try to

Power your will

No matter your age or situation, play out your role in this life with an unparalleled dynamism, and the very gods will applaud your performance, says Nandini Sarkar Paramahansa Yogananda drew a simple but striking allegory: life is a beam of light on a giant movie screen and all the men and women are only actors, playing their parts. Once the movie is over, everyone comes out of the movie hall

Take care

Caring for the elderly is a challenge that can throw the sturdiest off balance. Deepti Paikray explains how we can extend care and compassion without neglecting our own lives and goals A CAREGIVER`S TALEAugust 24, 2009. The date is imprinted in my memory because that is the day my sturdy, independent mother fell ill with malaria, which eventually culminated in a stroke. The stroke paralysed her right arm and

Globules of goodness

Replete with anti-oxidants, apricots not only help you stay young and healthy, but also fight cancer, informs Naini Setalvad With the festive season round the corner, everyone wants a bite of something sweet! A dry fruit tray, a must during the festive season, is incomplete without the apricot. Call it jardalu, alu bukhara or khubani – it is a welcome delicacy! On a recent visit to