What`s your path?

Each of us has a custom-made route to the Divine, and we can make progress only once we step on it. Find out yours, says Purnima Yogi We have all been there and done that – experimented with reiki and pranic healing, enrolled for workshops of Art Of Living and Vipassana; dabbled in hypnotherapy, vaastu, feng shui, astrology, numerology and the rest; taken postal lessons of Yogoda Satsanga’s kriya yoga

Seva and Sadhana

The two are complementary and not contradictory, says Swami Chidananda According to traditional Indian philosophy there are three main paths to the Divine or ‘yogas’, described in compelling detail by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita – the path of knowledge, or ‘gyan yoga’, the path of righteous action or ‘karma yoga’ and the path of devotion or ‘bhakti

From Illness to Wellness

Meet Dr Dean Ornish, the world-renowned physician who used Indian lifestyle management techniques such as yoga, meditation, a vegetarian diet, introspection and selftransformation to ‘bypass the bypass’. In the process he transformed the perception of illness and wellness in the West, says Jamuna Rangachari By bypassing the bypass, his revolutionary programme that provenly reverses heart disease, Dr


Life constantly throws us opportunities to grow and expand if we would but say that three-letter word. The more we say it, the more swiftly and smoothly does our authentic life unfold, says Aparrna Sharma WHEN I SAID ‘YES’It took me two months to struggle with this article.What is the most natural reaction when somebody commands “Say Yes”?Of course, you automatically say “Yes”But

Open Sesame

The humble til or sesame has a wealth of goodness including being a valuable source of calcium, says Naini Setalvad Sesame seeds. Oh how I love them. I can have spoonfuls of them every day. Indeed, I have to stop myself from consuming too much. In a Gujarati household, especially in my family, sesame is a habitual mouth freshener. Roasted and flavoured with lemon salt and turmeric, a pinch is mandatory after a

The killing cure

Shrouded in mystery and known equally for its capacity to kill and to cure, marma therapy is a little known aspect of ayurveda which holds out the promise of good health, says Preeti Kopikar Marma is an intrinsic part of Kalaripayyattu, the ancient martial art of Kerala,  where it is used to both kill and cure Marma therapy,” I hinted. Writhing in pain, my friend Seema gave me a puzzled look. Saddled