In the flow of abundance

Can we shift from being obsessed with money to a state of abundance-consciousness where we attract peace, prosperity, health, happiness and all good things, simply and effortlessly? asks Nandini Sarkar As I sit enjoying the cool breeze from the lake, the mystic hour of dusk and a refreshing cup of Darjeeling tea, I have a soothing feeling of abundance. If you play a word-imagery game and toss up

Master of the high note

Legendary Uttarakhandi singer Narendra Singh Negi’s songs are as holistic in their vision as they are rich in the rustic idioms of the Gadhwal Himalayas, says Satish Purohit. A father’s letterCome soon my son,And make it a long leaveThe final hour is upon us,Tehri is going underwaterfor the big dam. Son, let your eyes roam free, Over the mountain paths, the bylanesthat saw you outgrow childhood

Honour your heart

A spontaneous decision to follow her heart turned around a dissatisfying career path and led Satya Wanvari towards her true calling Six,” he said with forceful precision.“Six what?” I asked, confused.He sat back in his large red sofa, crossed his arms around the stomach almost squashed by the sofa arms and looked at me as if I had an IQ less than six.“Bullets,” he

Handling the terrible teens

Deep listening, mutual respect and clear communication go a long way in helping adolescents deal with teenage stress, says Jamuna Rangachari A TEEN SPEAKSTeenagers face stress and it is usually about things that may not really bother adults. Other than our studies, we worry about how popular we are, issues with our parents and siblings, making sense of the world and career choices. New items keep entering

Mirrors of transformation

The LP EXPO 2012 offers seven workshops based on powerful healing modalities that reveal our innermost selves to us and change us forever The Sound JourneyGL Sampoorna “I feel light and free in my head. The spinning and clutter has vanished. I feel grateful to be empowered with something so effortlessly natural. What I learnt from Sampoorna has transformed me completely.”Geetanjali

Healthy and happy holidays!

Enjoy this Christmas with a range of festive foods that are healthy, wholesome and tasty, says Naini Setalvad The world over, Christmas is a time for fun, festivity, and food. However, all that feasting inevitably ends in loss of health and, therefore, well-being. How about a festive season that nourishes you instead of dissipating you? How about reaching the end of the year and vaulting into