Thank you therapy

An attitude of gratitude affects miraculous healing in the mind and body, nourishes the heart and adds new depths to relationships says Aparna Sharma   I recently happened to witness a guidance session between the physician-turned-energy healer Dr Rashmi Menon and Meera, a young newlywed in her 20s. A distressed Meera lamented that she was but a few months into marriage and already her

Young and Restful

BK Shivani of the Brahma Kumaris is one of the most popular speakers on spirituality today, thanks to her clarity, penetration and the purity she emanates, says Suma Varughese In her white sari and simple plait framing a sweet face free of make-up, she emanates a palpable air of purity and peace. Every morning BK Shivani, a Rajyoga meditation teacher belonging to the Brahma Kumaris spiritual

Tips for transformation

A seeker can change life on all six levels – personal, work, family, society, nature and understanding of God – by integrating a few simple insights into everyday living, says Swami Nikhilananda Saraswati The New Year is a good time for introspection and making changes. When we take time to look within, we are able to focus on the areas that need attention. This deeper

Learning to live

Young people are increasingly banking on programmes offered by various spiritual organisations to mend their inner lives and forge new directions, says Nipun Augustin Jacob DO WORKSHOPS WORK?‘I felt at the end of the Inner Engineering Programme course that I had become a more loving and giving person. There is more laugher and freedom in my thoughts. I am inspired to lead a life full of

Fabulous fermented foods

Probiotics like dahi, khimichi and dhokla strengthen our immune systems, fight disease and add depth to our culinary experience, says Naini Setalvad Dahi, mung dal chila, paneer, dhoklas, dosas, uttapams, idlis and breads are the mainstay of our kitchens. These foods are not merely tasty; they also offer numerous health benefits. Dahi (curd), which is probably the most common probiotic consumed

Heal breast cancer

Cancer of the breast is, like all other cancers, actually a cancer of the mind, says healer Sanjiv Ranjan. When the mind heals, the body heals. A woman’s breasts are a symbol of her feminine self, her motherhood. Even when faced with the possibility of death, she seeks to preserve this aspect of her womanhood. That is why so many women resist a radical mastectomy (complete removal of the