Surgeon in the soul

Everything from cancer to acne can be healed when disease-creating memories are cleansed with the energies of love, compassion and unconditional acceptance, says Chitra Jha Words of wisdomAll healing is first a healing of the heartCarl Townsend, US Navy officer Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it Helen Keller, visually challenged pioneer and activist Our sorrows and

Meet your Self

Vedantin Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha speaks to Pradeep Kumar on Self and God, and why he considers the Gita an administrative gospel par excellence Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha’s (78) life has been one dedicated to Brahmavidya, the science of the Self. He has been expounding the universal truth of Vedanta in India and abroad for over five decades by shedding light on the ancient discipline’s

Family sangha

Tears flow, chords are touched and wounds heal when six siblings meet after years of separateness to recapture the magic of childhood, says Chitra Jha We are six siblings, a number which used to cause an occasional embarrassment earlier, but has become a great blessing over the years. We were born in a Gandhian family with secular ethos but got moulded in six different ways depending upon our life

Surging to meet the self

Masters, healers, soothsayers and seekers all came together on a single platform to disseminate the message of love, positivity and oneness in the world at the seventh Life Positive Expo concluded in Delhi recently The event that all LP enthusiasts look forward to the year-round, the annual Life Positive Expo, got off to a flying start as visitors, delegates and loyal readers from all over India and

Mung magic

Versatile, nourishing and easily digestible, this delectable dal enjoys pride of place in the Indian culinary landscape, says Naini Setalvad Why is mung such a favourite with Indians, be it babies, the sick, athletes or multi-tasking housewives? One, it suits all constitutions. Two, it is one of the lightest proteins to digest as it creates the least discomfort to the digestive system. My earliest

The art of giving

Hospitality is a value common to all faiths and tradition, for it is in giving that we build bonds as family, friends or community, says Deepti R. Paikray Shabri’s tender hospitality rendered unto Lord Rama during his forest banishment went down in mythological annals as an effulgent example of devotional hospitality. (When Lord Ram had a meal with her she personally tasted every fruit