The day of the guru

The rich pageantry of Guru Purnima, a day for honouring the spiritual preceptor, will unfold across the country this month as disciples pay homage to the most special relationship of their lives. Nipun Augustine Jacob reports on the activities of some of our leading ashrams Seek and you shall findFour aspirants muse on the guru-shishya relationship Nandini Sarkar: Answer to a prayer A follower in the Kriya Yoga

Let there be light

K. Geethanjali talks to Guruji Krishnananda, a Bangalore-based spiritual adept, regarding his Saptarishi Dhyana Kendra-Manasa Foundation, and its mission to spread light. Uniting in lightReport on the Light Channels Meet held on May 7 in Bangalore The meet started with Guru Krishnananda, the founder of Manasa Foundation addressing the gathering. Newcomers in the audience gave a gasp of surprise when the guru greeted

The peace of release

Dada J. P. Vaswani says that forgiving and getting rid of resentment can heal your mind, and also your body In an inspiring article entitled, Forgive, Forget, and Live, Norman Vincent Peale shares with us the story of a man who seemed to possess the great secret of living positively at all times. He had made St. Paul’s great words the motto of his life, “Forgetting those things which are

How to make a baby

Low sperm count can spell tragedy to couples longing to start a family. While our faulty and unnatural lifestyles have sent sperm counts plunging across the world, alternative therapies have proven solutions to the problem, says Shivi Verma Ancient diet to improve fertility and reduce heat 1. Do not eat foods like red meat, maida, deep fried and spicy, sour or fermented foods. 2. One glass of white pumpkin juice

The kitchen chemist

Munch it to chase away tummy blues. Add it to your cooking for a zing in taste. Inhale it to relieve congestion. No surprise that ajwain is a must in every kitchen, says Naini Setalvad Ajwain is most definitely what I call my lifeline. I love to pop it into various food preparations. I even love to roast it and add roasted sesame seeds with salt, to make my personal favourite mouth freshener. Not

Reverse your diabetes

Dr Nandita Shah, founder of SHARAN, believes that complete change in one’s eating habits, coupled with exercise, is all that is needed to get sugar levels under control, and she can prove it Try it!If you want to do it too, how do you begin? Here is a step-by-step guide.Step 1. Learning and preparation: Doing anything new requires some learning. Get yourself some recipes which use fully plant-based