Take care

While cultivating the right brain increases our spiritual quotient, for those with a dominant right brain it is equally imperative to cultivate the left brain for only that will enable us to mature into taking care of the world, says Suma Varughese A long time back I wrote an article in my Spirit column, about Mary and Martha, two sisters from the gospels who happened to be particularly close to

The mystic priest

Marita Nazareth pays tribute to Father Anthony deMello, spiritual adept and world famous author of Sadhana, and Song of the Bird, and interviews his brother Bill deMello, whose recent book on the priest sheds light on this iconoclastic teacher It seems like such a long time ago. I was invited to attend a seminar by someone whom millions around the globe knew as Anthony (Tony) deMello. I had only

Follow your bliss

Do you have to suffer to be spiritual? No, says Shri Rakeshbhai, Founder, Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, Dharampur Do you need to give up happiness to be religious? Absolutely not. I am not asking you to give up happiness. I simply wish to show you a greater source of happiness. Happiness is your true nature. It is your right to be happy. Religion teaches you how to be happy. Only if your life is a

Millet power

One of the oldest foods known to humans, ragi is packed with nutrients and other amazing properties that make it an ideal food for adults and children alike, says Naini Setalvad A brown roti was something I had never seen. It just did not gel in my mind, until I realised how healthy the grain is. Ragi, also referred to as nachni, considered a poor man’s food, has of late become a popular

Sugar or spice?

Food preferences, cravings, and allergies are not the result of cultivated childhood tastes. They go back to a gamut of emotional highs and lows of another lifetime, says Chitra Jha Over the last decade, I have understood that the universe is an intelligently designed and perfectly executed divine plan. I have understood that everything I experience is my teacher. I have understood that people and

A liking for biking

In the Netherlands, everyone, from businessmen in suits, teenagers, mothers shopping with their kids, and stylish careerwomen in mini skirts and stilettos, rides the humble, eco-friendly bicycle, says Sreedevi Lakshmi Kutty What struck me when I reached Den Haag after our flight from Mumbai to Amsterdam and the cab ride from the airport to the new city which was to become our home, was