Uncover your inner genius

Dumb? Who you? No way. Spiritual texts and the introduction of concepts such as Spiritual Intelligence tell us that we have limitless capacity and capability. So throw away your self-doubt and uncover your inner genius, says Shivi Verma Different strokesUnderstanding Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences In 1983, Howard Gardner proposed a model of intelligence that branches out into various

A transforming presence

Shivi Verma comes back uplifted after an encounter with Dadashreeji, a direct disciple of Mahavtar Babaji The opening sentence of the letter inviting me to profile Dadashreeji, a master living in the outskirts of Mumbai, had a mystical appeal which was hard to dismiss. The appointment was on the auspicious Guru Purnima day.As I readied to meet him in his ashram called Shantikshetra Premagiri

Whose development is it anyway?

In the rush for material prosperity, are we losing sight of precious treasures such as clean air, water, natural resources, and above all, happiness? asks Sadhvi Bhagawati As his belly rises with each deep slow breath, his frayed undershirt exposes the bare skin underneath. Brown, of course, due to genetics, but browned even more deeply due to a life in the sun. The thin plastic chair, upon

Wonders of wheatgrass

Naini Setalvad elaborates on the little known benefits of consuming wheatgrass regularly  Grow your own wheatgrass1. Soak adequate quantity of unpolished wheat-grain overnight in water in any container (after cleaning and washing it thoroughly).2. Keep a few pots (preferably 7 to 9 pots – one to be sown each day of the week) ready with ordinary soil. Do not add any chemicals or fertilisers.

Coming to terms with loss

Pulkit Sharma assuaged his grief at the loss of his grandmother by recognising that she lived within him   Attachment is a complex phenomenon. We always look forward to bonding and mingling with others. Relationships hold and sustain us, and make us bloom. What we call our self, comes into being through attachment. When other people guide, mirror, and reflect our thoughts, emotions, joys,

Embrace abundance

Scarcity-consciousness has created a culture of greed and corruption that has plunged us into a global crisis. Only recognising and living in the abundance of the Universe will save our civilisation, feels Chitra Jha Money, money, money, must be funny, in the rich man’s world. Ahhha-aha. All the things I could do, if I had a little money; it’s a rich man’s world.’ The lines