Loving what is

Expectations breed conflicts, frustration and anger and embroil us in suffering. Only when we learn to drop them can we fully embrace what is and claim our right to happiness and peace, says Suma Varughese I rarely watch movies in theatre, a treat I reserve only for films that promise to be excellent such as Taare Zameen Par, or Three Idiots. When the movie Barfi! was recently released, the

Portrait of a sanyasi

On his travels to various ashrams in India, Yoginder Sikand encounters a former jetsetting executive turned mendicant and coaxes him to share his story You must, I’m sure, have felt that way at some time or the other. The sudden impulse overtakes you and you think that the only thing you now want to do is to completely abandon the world and flee to some remote Himalayan cave or peak,

The wisdom of the passive voice

An English class gave K Geethanjali a valuable lesson in non-doership As I walked into my English class, I was badly perturbed. There had been a theft in our staff room the previous week, and investigations were going on. My senior had been quizzing all of us the past week. She had been asking us if we had seen something queer, or if we had seen someone hanging around the staff room at the time of


The recently concluded Life Positive residential Expo in Rishikesh was a life- transforming experience Feeling sheltered in Shiva’s grace: Organisers and delegates cometogether for a happy photo at the Expo. There is only one word that captures the impact of the Life Positive Expo in Rishikesh held on October 5 and 6: Transformational.   The magic was in everything. There was the

Love the clove !

Cloves have many unique aromatic and healing properties, and are widely used in cuisine as well as medicine, says Naini Setalvad I remember my grandmother tell me once, “If your teeth are hurting, put a piece of clove in your mouth.” It is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of cloves.   Cloves are aromatic, dried flower buds of a tree. They are called dinh

Nothing that comes from a mother

Sejal Parikh shows us how and why we can lead a healthier and happier life without consuming anything that comes from a mother, anything that has a face I had spent a good part of my career working for the telecom industry, when I realised that earning money was not the only way to contribute to a better world. I wanted to contribute to the betterment of the world, and make it livable for all.