The truth about 21.12.12

We are finally in December and the 21st is not too far away. So what can we expect of this most anticipated tryst with our collective human destiny? Is this the end or simply the beginning? Chitra Jha explores I first heard about the date 21/12/2012, magical to some and ominous to some others, in 2001. Since then I have awaited it with a great deal of anticipation. Now that it is almost round the corner, I cannot

In silence the Self

Pradeep Krishnan meets Swami Madhurananda, author of Effortless Meditation, who asserts that behind the intense effort of spiritual practice lies effortlessness and it is there that the Self resides.  During my recent annual pilgrimage to Sri Ramanasramam, Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, the favorite destination of sincere spiritual seekers, I had the good fortune to meet Swami Madhurananda.

Cool it !

If you refuse to feed the spirit of anger and stay calm in the face of provocation, you will weaken and overcome it, says H.H Sant Rajinder Singh Ji One of the biggest threats to our peace of mind is the affliction of anger. At work, we often find ourselves angry with our boss, co-workers, or subordinates. Hardly a day goes by when someone or something at work does not disturb our peace of

Bitter is better

Naini Setalvad tells us why methi seeds and leaves should be part of our regular diet  Could one ever imagine that the tiny little seed of methi also know as fenugreek, could do so much good to our health? Popularly used as a condiment in Indian cooking, it has a slightly bitter taste and is crunchy to eat. The methi seed is indispensable in the kitchen’s masala cabinet, and with good

Take five !

The Five Tibetan Rites is a 10-minute exercise routine to turn back the clock, says Irma Battig  Exercise 1. See overleaf for instructions Discovered in a lamasery in Tibet, the Five Tibetan Rites has become accessible to the rest of the world thanks to Peter Kelder’s book, The Eye of Revelation, originally published in 1939. The material was republished with a foreword by Bernie M.

Embracing namaste

Dr. Coomi S. Vevaina explains how by changing beliefs at the subconscious level, PSYCH-K helps us take responsibility for our lives, transcend differences and arrive at oneness  As we move into 2012, almost every single day, a new self-empowering modality emerges, clamours for our attention and claims to be the best ever. If in the past we had very little choice, we now feel overwhelmed