Quicker, better, stronger

With the advent of the New Age, we are witnessing an explosion of new and effective therapies to help us move more powerfully into the space of wholeness, perfection and completion that is our birthright, says Shivi Verma Anshu Srivastava was a young married professional, leading a happy life in Bangalore when she developed an acute case of spondylitis. An MRI scan revealed that the bone of her neck was as

Have spunk, will travel

Quitting her job in favour of travelling across the world, launched Archana Srivatsan on the road less travelled, and enriched her life manifold. Archana among the mustard fields of Kashmir A cardboard box was packed with the remains of my desk. After 10 years, I was going to walk out of what had been my world, which had transformed me from a college kid to an adult and a professional. The

Of hope and healing

Meet Don Paris, one of the world’s foremost authorities on Radionics, a form of healing that has amazing possibilities not just for man, but for our much-abused planet, says Suma Varughese When a dear friend of mine, Dr Ravindra Kapadia, invited me for a talk in distant South Mumbai, I looked for excuses not to go. Circumstances conspired that I did go, however, and I ended up having one

Gateway to the New Age

The two-day Life Positive Expo in Mumbai on December 22 and 23, was the perfect entry point to the endless possibilities of the New Age! Says AK Shamita, “The Mumbai Life Positive Expo has been life-altering for me. They were indeed two of the happiest days of my life. I had so many ‘aha’ moments in Nithya Shanti’s workshop. Currently, I’m going through testing

Back with a bang

The Life Positive Expo is back where it all began, in New Delhi, after notching up massive successes in Rishikesh and Mumbai. Come to the most exciting body-mind-spirit festival in the country and gift yourself quantum growth for 2013 What makes the Expo so popular? Firstly, it is one of the few non-sectarian spaces available in the spiritual domain. At the Expo, you can be a Buddhist, Christian,

Sublime Saffron

A few strands of saffron added to a dish elevates it to sublime heights with its fragrance and color, says Naini Setalvad   It is the reddish-orange stigma of of the beautiful purple flower of a variety of the crocus plant. It takes around over 70,000 of these breathtakingly beautiful flowers to produce a single ounce of saffron. Its name comes from the Arabic word zafaran, which