Becoming Whole

Wherever we are, the journey of our lives is about taking the next step and in that next step lies not just our self-reliance, but our happiness, health and eventually spiritual progress, says Suma Varughese On a recent visit to Kerala, a couple of vignettes burnt strongly into my consciousness.   One was of an elderly gentleman, otherwise fit, left to fend for himself after his wife passed

The secrets of perfect health

Ravi R. Kumar conducts an exhaustive interview with Dr NK Sharma, author of the iconoclastic book, Milk: A Silent Killer, reprinted by Life Positive Publications and recently released at the Life Positive Expo, New Delhi Dr. NK Sharma first emerged with his book, Milk: A Silent Killer, in the year 1987, when the supremacy of milk reigned unchallenged. It took considerable courage to announce to a

Garden of Paradise

A home right in the middle of chaos and pollution can be traumatic. Chitra Jha makes peace with her new surroundings by discovering the hidden delights of the garden that surrounds her home In July 2012, we moved from Srinagar to Bangalore on posting. (Yes, we defense folks move more than most others do.) Upon hearing of our re-location, many people congratulated us as we were moving to

Mellow down with melons

Melons are just what the doctor ordered, especially during sizzling summer Few can resist a bowl of chilled fruit on a hot summer’s day, especially some delicious chopped watermelon. Every person in a tropical climate would have fond memories of chomping into a slice of watermelon or slurping up a glass of its delicious juice. Sweet and juicy, watermelon is packed with some of the most

A stab at immortality?

Suma Varughese emerges from a workshop on organ regeneration fairly confident that we have a good shot at healing our illnesses and achieving immortality I have never been to a workshop that attracted so many people. Although the venue was a fairly large banquet hall in a suburban hotel in Mumbai, we were crammed to the gills – about 140 of us from every part of the country, waiting to

Heal yourself, naturally

Latika Kalantri interviews health therapist, and author Darryl D’Souza for a glimpse into how he turned his personal health issues around and discovered good health in nature. Darryl has chosen Goa as the place for his healing enterprise How did an engineer like you end up writing a book on health, nutrition and metaphysics of the human body? It has been an amazing journey for me that