The art of loving

In a world rife with toil and trouble, love is the redemptive force that gives us the heroism, strength and commitment to triumph over the human enterprise. But how do we learn to love, asks Suma Varughese.  Legend has it that when King Babar’s son, Humayun, fell dangerously ill and his life was despaired of, Babar walked around the sick boy’s bed three times and asked that the

The love that helps and heals

In this powerful and inspiring article, Dada J P Vaswani, head of the Pune-based Sadhu Vaswani Mission, traces the contours of true love Someone asked me once, “What is love?” My reply was, “You will know when you become love!” I believe in the strength and sustaining power of love, not love that demands, expects, and negotiates for something in exchange

Learning from Love

Two relationships that followed each other in close succession afforded Vijayalakshmi Nadar a powerful submergence in spiritual growth and understanding  What happens when you are rejected in love? The only person you ever want in your life cocks a snook at you, and you experience what the world terms heartbreak. More often than not, the initial glow, the joy, the happiness you experience,

My Son Vinayak

Bringing up her son has been an ongoing odyssey of love and learning for Anuradha Iyer Anuradha with he son, Vinayak I am not sure when I first experienced the desire to be a mother, but it dates back so early that I do not have any recollection of a time when I did not have it. When I was a small girl, playing with dolls was my favorite pastime like any other little girl, but I would always imagine


Prem Nirmal expresses gratitude to his spiritual mentor, Sri Dada Gavand for his spiritual transformation Prem Nirmal with his guru, Dada Gavand Love’s capacity to transform is experienced at its peak in a master-disciple relationship. I met my spiritual mentor, Sri Dada Gavand, in May 1992, and it was love at first sight. A tall, lean personality in spotless white dress, with long hair and

Love changes

For a planet in deep evolutionary crisis, no medicine can be as effective and as reviving as the potion of love, says Shivi Verma From sinner to saint: the story of the Buddha and Angulimala One of the most abiding pictures of the transforming power of love is the incident of bandit Angulimala forsaking his evil ways after coming in contact with the Budhha, the enlightened one. As the story goes, when