How to be a good parent

It’s the hardest job in the world. Fortunately, it’s also the most joyous. For all the brave-hearts walking on the path of parenthood, Chitra Jha offers a helping hand and a guiding voice My husband and I didn’t know anything about Conscious Parenting when we realized that we were going to be parents – in nine months time! What? How? Why? Oh, no! Our responses

The Master's Mind

Pradeep Krishnan interviews Master Minood, a Kerala-based spiritual master for pointers on how to achieve inner awakening  Meeting spiritual masters helps bring in more clarity and understanding to one’s own spiritual quest. A master’s words delve deep into the listener’s heart, and help to speed up his inner journey. My recent meeting with Master Minood, a modern-day mystic

To hell and back

The author, who prefers to remain anonymous, traces her life history through the mirror of alcoholism and describes how she altered the reflection for a healthier future October 2009: Hitting rock bottom I had been drinking until late, and I passed out around midnight. On most such evenings, I would fall asleep listening to music, the earphones still plugged into my ears. Dinner being the last

A bouquet of positivity

The magnificent Life Positive Expo took place once again in the capital on February 15 to 17, with a powerful blend of workshops, spiritual discourses and a spiritual bazaar say Punya Srivastava and Jamuna Rangachari  Sure as the promise of spring, comes the three-day Life Positive Expo in New Delhi, adding even more festivity to a season of flowers, bird song and cool scented breeze. For the over 100

Cool off with kokum

Naini Setalvad shows us why kokum is beneficial, especially in summer  Come summer and we reach for that chilled soft drink. However, not many realise that there are other healthier and more refreshing options available. One such drink is made of the fruit, kokum. It is not just the fruit, but also the bark of the roots as well as the oil, which finds extensive use in medicine. Kokum, or

Go with the flow

When it comes to personal growth, it is best to work at your pace rather than being pressurized to step it up, says Pulkit Sharma  Sanjeevni (name changed) came with a request for interpreting a dream she had been seeing repeatedly for the last few months with minor variations. In the dream, she was seated on a beautiful white bird gliding swiftly in the blue sky. She was happy but