The passion of Vivekananda

On the 150th anniversary of one of India’s greatest sons, Swami Vivekananda, Shivi Verma assesses his deathless legacy and traces his influence among today’s generation Vivekananda. Hardly has there been an idealistic person who has not been inspired by the aching youthfulness and revolutionary zeal of this iconic figure. His flaming patriotism, conviction in universal brotherhood, worship

Mission : India

Nandini Sarkar meets Yogi Shree Satyam, founder of the Allahabad Kriya Yoga Institute, a passionate follower of Yogananda Paramahansa and consumed with a commitment to transform India I discovered Yogi Shree Satyam of the Allahabad Kriya Yoga Institute on YouTube, while doing a search on Kriya Yoga. Certain things struck me while watching his videos. The yogi appears to be centred in his

What's in a word

In trying to understand the nuances between selfishness, self-centredness and selflessness, Chitra Jha wanders into a labyrinth of words that unfold many insights, including the key one of not being trapped by words! When I encountered love, for the first time, I found myself becoming selfless; and I thought that I had almost ‘arrived’. I became proud of my new-found selfless streak and

A ticket to Paradise

As if Lonavla in the monsoons with its waterfalls, misty magic and astonishing carpet of green is not enticing enough, add to it the Life Positive Expo’s blend of world class workshops, wisdom from the masters and soul connect with kindred spirits, and you have an offer you cannot resist, says Punya Srivastava The delightful old-world facade of Kaivlayadham Close your eyes and visualise

Good as gold

Jackfruits, with their golden yellow bulbs, are packed with nutrients, says Naini Setalvad Like many others, I devoured the golden yellow scrumptiousness of the jackfruit, while completely oblivious to their nutritional prowess. I was pleasantly shocked to discover that this delectable childhood favorite is actually a powerhouse of nutrients. Jackfruit abounds in beta-carotene, indicated by the

Grain pain

Weakness? Diarrhea off and on? Abdominal pain? Progressive weight loss? You could be suffering from celiac disorder, a condition difficult to diagnose and hard to treat, says Punya Srivastava How to stay gluten freeRotis, puris, parathas, papris, golgappas, mathris, theplas, khakras, breads, croissants, regular bread crumbs and buns, pizza bases, noodles, pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, wheat flakes, wheat pops,