The end of craving

Purnima Coontoor turns to God to find out the all-important question of how to move from desire towards desirelessness  Here I was, finally in front of God after a long wait (several lifetimes?), all ears, pen poised over scribble pad, every cell in me throbbing with excitement. I was ready with my questions, had been forever, but at this moment I was rattled, to put it mildly. I was a

Beyond the veil

Nan Umrigar’s trio of books, Sounds of Silence, Listening to the Silence and her most recent, Beyond the Silence, all chronicle her contact with her departed son, Karl, through automatic writing, and tell us that there is life beyond death, says Nandini Sarkar Nan with Rhea Pillai at the launch of her third book, Beyond the Silence I have never forgotten the poignant memory of waiting at the

Generate your own power

What causes most of us to feel helpless and powerless? How can we increase our power quotient? Chitra Jha shows us how Frequent power-cuts are a common phenomenon across India. Most households own inverters and generators and yet cannot generate enough power for all their needs. The other day, a friend of mine quipped, “The moment the power goes, I kind of feel power-less myself. My household

Gimme red !

You just cannot ignore the deep red coloured vegetable, a powerhouse of nutrients that adds taste and colour to your diet, says Naini Setalvad The beetroot is a succulent, sweet, fleshy vegetable. Chop it, grate it, slice it, or boil it, you just can’t go wrong with it. In any form, it presents an array of health benefits. Whether as a salad, a vegetable dish, a dip or a sauce, it is great

A clean slate

Yoginder Sikand undergoes a course in Psycho-synthesis and the Inner child, and comes away exorcised of his childhood demons The healing touchAlmost a hundred years ago, an Austrian Catholic lady doctor named Anna Dengel arrived in India. Moved by the sufferings of Muslim women in Rawalpindi, who had no access to regular medical care because of the custom of women’s seclusion, Anna set up the Medical

Loving the negative

When one can contain the other’s negative aspects, we give them space to accept these parts themselves, and gradually arrive at transformation, says Pulkit Sharma Thirty-year-old Arun (name changed) brought a painting he had made over the weekend to our psychotherapy session. It was a huge lush green tree standing staggeringly high. At the bottom, were a few decaying leaves and branches. Arun