Opening to life

Vulnerability is the capacity to walk through life without armor or defense, knowing that just being ourselves is enough, says Suma Varughese   I wasn’t always someone who allowed herself to be vulnerable. In fact there was a time when I buttoned up myself as tightly as I would an overcoat, and denied anyone access to the private side of me. It all changed when I was gifted with a

Healing, loving and living

Shivi Verma interviews Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols, the only two in the world entitled to train facilitators of Louise L Hay’s Heal Your Life programme.  Rick Nichols and Patricia Crane, the right hands of Louise L Hay, were recently in India to hold a licensed Heal Your Life workshop leader certification programme. They also held the You Can Heal your Life workshop at the Delhi Life

Forgive yourself

Learning to forgive oneself is one of the basic steps of cultivating the spirit of forgiveness for all. After all, if you cannot forgive yourself, how will you forgive others? asks J P Vaswani  Join millions around the world!Observe Global Forgiveness Moment on August 2 at 2 pm. Take a two-minute break to forgive and pray from wherever you are. Many of us carry in our hearts, heavy loads of guilt that rob us

Monsoon magic at Lonavla

The recently concluded residential Life Positive Expo was a fantastic blend of enriching workshops, profound discourses, music, and theatre set amidst magnificent nature, say Shivi Verma and Punya Srivastava The recently concluded Expo in Lonavla was all that it promised and much more. The enchanting campus of the Kaivalyadham Insititute charmed one and all with its low-lying buildings nestled among


Whether eaten roasted, boiled, spiced, or along with vegetables, corn makes for great taste packed with nutrition, says Naini Setalvad   No sooner does the first drop of rain touch the ground, than my instinct urges me to reach out for a scrumptious roasted corn on the cob. It is one of the most popular cereals in the world and forms the staple food in many countries including USA and

A healing space

Events such as the Uttarakhand floods unleash a blitzkrieg of suffering. Can we provide trauma survivors the help and support they need to return to health and happiness? Pulkit Sharma says how Natural and manmade disasters bring traumatic grief for the survivors. They generate a gamut of negative emotions and questions. Floods, earthquakes, bomb blasts, terrorist attacks, forced migration, sexual