Walk alone

We owe it to our magnificent potential and to Mother Earth to free ourselves of the deadweight of conformism and to follow our inner light, says Sanjiv Ranjan In the first century, Judea was a dangerous place to live if you were going to go against the law enforced by the Roman Empire. One man did. He said that the Law of Love was greater than any law on earth. They called him the saviour of

Meeting Mooji

Jamaica-born Anthony Paul Moo-Young, otherwise known as Mooji, is one of Advaita’s most recent masters. Rohini Singh recounts her unforgettable firsthand experience of Mooji’s unique satsang held earlier this year in Rishikesh Mooji speaksSome quotable quotes from the master   ‘If there is a healing to be made, the healing would be to wake up. This is the greatest

We are one

Hazrat Inayat Khan says that the central message of all religions is unity, but mankind has forgotten it All through the ages, the different religions, which have been given to man for his spiritual development with the sole idea of unity, have gradually become a kind of community or nationality. Many people who belong to a Church accept its dogmas, claim a certain name for their religion,

Come to God's land

The inimitable Life Positive Expo returns to Rishikesh for a three-day residential retreat. Revel in the spiritual ambience of this most holy of places, while participating in some of the country’s best workshops There is no place quite as special as Rishikesh to the seeker. The very ambience is saturated with spirituality, what with ashrams in every nook and corner, the Himalayas

Go green

Colocasia is one of those rare vegetables where the root and the leaves are used to make a variety of mouthwatering dishes. Its high nutritional and medicinal content makes it a must in every home, says Naini Setalvad The large and billowing colocasia leaf looks like the ears of an elephant. Commonly known as arbi ke patte in Hindi, alu che paan in Marathi, alvi na patta in Gujarati and taro

Never say die

Suicide not just deprives the victim of his precious life, but also plunges his family and friends into trauma, grief and guilt. Anita Anand tells you how to recognise the telltale signs that indicate a possible suicide attempt and how to reach out South Korea’s Bridge of LifeBetween the years 2003-2011, 1090 people committed suicide by jumping off bridges spanning the Han River. The Mapo Bridge –