The secret to greatness

Power without responsibility is destructive, but power with responsibility is the secret to greatness, says Sanjiv Ranjan “The Vedanta recognises no sin, it only recognises error. And the greatest error, says the Vedanta, is to say that you are weak, that you are a sinner, a miserable creature, and that you have no power.” These are the words of one of the greatest

Drop judgements, create life

A simple technique called Access Consciousness is transforming lives across the world. Shivi Verma interviews its founder, Gary Douglas Gary Douglas: Bringing consciousness to the world Our greatest challenge is possibly the other person. Locked in our own egoic space, we react, we doubt, we distrust and we judge. All the time. And these judgments create a network of fearful thoughts that block

Retell your story, recreate your life

If you keep telling the same sad small story, you will keep ,living the same sad small life,” says Jean I Houston. I realised this as I sat listening to my friend Shaila’s (name changed) story for the hundredth time. We all have our own life story where things are happening to us. We get to be the centre of attraction only in our own life story. In all other stories, we only make a

Mumbai once more

The Life Positive Expo returns to Mumbai for the second year with a scintillating package of workshops, discourses and an exhibition of spiritual products and services. Be there! The Life Positive Expo took the city by storm last year. Naturally so, for this Maximum City also has maximum soul. So Mumbaikars, here we are at your doorstep once again, ready to feed your soul with a fabulous

In the valley of the gods

The Life Positive Expo held in the beautiful Parmarth Niketan at Rishikesh, was a powerful blend of insights, experiences, and high adventure, says Punya Srivastava Starting early on the morning of September 19, a motley crew of Life Positive staff and Expo delegates gathered at New Delhi railway station to embark upon a journey within. We reached our destination, the sprawling Parmarth

Piquant Pomelo

Popularly called the king of citrus fruits, pomelos are packed with goodness and add an extra zing to your food says Naini Setalvad. Ever wondered what those gigantic mosambis in your fruitwallah’s cart are? They are called pomelos, papanas, or chikotru. Pomelo is also known as the king of the citrus fruit kingdom. The texture, taste and seeds of each variety are different from