Enter the witness

When the mind releases its compulsive need to analyze, interpret, judge and fear, it becomes what it is meant to be – a witness to the panorama of life, immersed in bliss, one with the Absolute, says Sanjiv Ranjan   Since you have been bitten by that black snake of self-opinion –thinking foolishly that ‘I am the doer,’now drink the nectar in the fact that‘I am

How to live forever !

Meet Leonard D Orr, founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, a form of breathing which he is convinced will help you achieve immortality, says Punya Srivastava Leonard D. Orr, 76, is better known as the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, a form of continuous and conscious breathing that is said to heal our birth traumas and launch us into a happy and healthy life. Even more interestingly, Rebirthing

The rise of the phoenix

Returning to normalcy after the shattering death of a beloved child can be excruciating, says Nicola Simpson, but it can be done I know what it is like when everything around you collapses. Your world shatters like a crystal glass, because a loved one has left this world, and devastation is all that remains. We ask over and over again, why, why, why? But the answer is… no one knows. Why

The tiny Titan

Mustard is an indispensable part of Indian cuisine, be it in the form of spice, cooking medium or masala. The flavour adds zing to a dish, says Naini Setalvad The mustard seed has a distinctive aroma and a slightly nutty flavor and is used as a spice and oil in food for thousands of years, in many countries. It has even been mentioned in ancient Sanskrit writings dating back about 5,000 years ago.

Co-author of life

Our book of life is partly written by us and partly by God, muses Megha Bajaj Megha is, above all, a seeker. These days she is attempting to find herself in the role of a teacher through the online writing course designed by her. You can know more about her on www.wonderofwords.org I think each one of us, at some point of our lives, asks, “Am I really controlling my life, or is it

Rx : A night at the movies

  Murtaza Bootwala: Healing through movies This is one form of therapy you are going to love. It consists of watching movies! Pune-based healer and cineaste Murtaza Bootwala conceived of this unique therapy when he healed himself of debilitating stress and depression through watching movies. What started off as a quest for relaxation, became an avenue for inspiration. He visualised himself possessing the