The era of the Heart

By Shivi Verma The time has come for humanity to free itself from the divisive and competitive world of the mind, and step into the inclusive and all-embracing world of heart consciousness, says Shivi Verma I often become acutely aware of a certain sensation around my heart region. It is a warm, expanded feeling, making me conscious of its heightened presence. I enjoy it, and have often wondered if it is okay to be

Grace in the Marketplace

by Suma Varughese Suma Varughese interviews Bharat Mitra, founder of Organic India, who proves that a company founded on spiritual values can thrive in the hardnosed business world Team Organic India: Dr Narendra Singh, Bhavani, Bharat Mitraand the farmers in a field of tulsi   Life Positive has been associated with Organic India for a number of years. Readers will be familiar with the aromatic tulsi tea bags

The key to happiness

by Professor Sriram The key to happiness is to recognise that we already have everything we need to be happy, says Professor Sriram What is the key to happiness?  For that to become clear, let us keep aside spirituality and go back to the basics of Nature. Anything that is precious and is required all the time by everyone is not locked. This is Nature’s law. Everyone requires oxygen all the time. It is

Wisdom, wellness and oneness

by  Shivi Verma and Aparna S Sharma For two days at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai, the air resonated with the power of positivity as seekers converged at the Life Positive Expo. Shivi Verma and Aparna S Sharma report From the outside, Mumbai would appear to be a city devoted to mammon, but those who live in it know that despite its fast and furious pace, this city’s soul is sublime. Here, almost anyone,

Beyond imagination

By Kenneth Lux Kenneth Lux finds that what he thought was imagination was, in fact, one of his first experiences which was not

The joy of surrender

Mata Amritanandamayi De One day, old man Yu became ill, and his friend Ssu came to visit him, asking how he was. Yu answered, “Amazing! Look how crooked I am becoming! My back sticks up like a hunchback, my intestines are over my head, my chin digs into my belly, and my bottom points up to the sky!” He hobbled over to the well and, looking at his reflection, remarked, “My, how the Creator is changing my