Seize the day !

By Suma Varughese How can we maximize our life, realize our highest potential and achieve all that we are capable of? How can we live with zest and power? In short, how can we learn to seize the day, asks Suma Varughese A former editor of mine once told me that as a youngster she was high-spirited and full of fun; and her parents often tried to curb her spirits. Once, she and her

Arvind Kejriwal : A beacon of hope

By Anil Bhatnagar As a rule Life Positive does not talk about politics or politicians, but Arvind Kejriwal has proven that politics and politicians can emerge from a spiritual foundation, and operate from spiritual principles. In consequence, the political landscape is finally ablaze with hope, says his ,friend and corporate trainer, Anil Bhatnagar  In the last five years or so, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and

Shed that stuff !

By Chitra Jha In the process of eliminating the stuff accumulated over a lifetime, Chitra Jha learns valuable lessons on how clutter consumes energy I grew up in a simple Gandhian home. My father believed in providing for all that was needed for ‘simple living and high thinking’. There was no place for anything frivolous or ornamental. Everything we bought had to be something that was needed. It was a

New year, new you !

By Shivi VermaThe Life  Positive Expo, New Delhi, has a power-packed combo of life-changing workshops, insightful discourses, and fabulous takeaways at the exhibition centre. Return home, restored, refreshed and renewed, says Shivi Verma As the freezing winter loosens its grip over the national capital, and glistening new leaves begin to spring on trees, it is time for a new beginning! Allow the warm and sunny

Dill Se...

Naini Setalvad The wispy fragrant dill leaves are known for their subtle flavour, but did you know that they have innumerable health benefits as well? Naini Setalvad lists some of them Dill leaves reminds me of my pregnant friends who were fed with suva (dill) all through their pregnancy. Most of them roasted the seeds and had it as a mukhwas (mouth freshener), mixed with sesame seeds and fennel seeds as this is

Body language

By Deepti Gujar Illness and discomfort within the body is often the symptom of an emotional or mental issue. Instead of popping a pill, introspect on the messages your body gives you, says Deepti Gujar Recently, I did a past-life regression session for a client who experienced a wound or a block at the back of her throat. Her reason for going into a regression was to find clarity about her career. She was wondering