The language of love

By Chitra Jha Non-violent Communication is an international program that helps us communicate in such a way that we achieve internal and external harmony, and also know  ourselves and others better, says Chitra Jha I first heard of Non-violent Communication in June 2013, at Learning Societies’ Unconference in Pune (thanks to Shammi Nanda), and understood the concept quite literally, taking the words at

Pilgrim's progress

by Punya Srivatsava Meet Satish Kumar, the world-renowned editor of Resurgence and leading activist and ecologist, says Punya Srivastava A child of nine, born in a small town in Rajasthan, left home to become a monk. His goal was to attain spiritual liberation. However, his formative years were profoundly influenced by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, the tutelage of reformist Vinoba Bhave, and the activism of British

Understanding food

By Chitra Jha Chitra Jha shares the fruits of her lifelong journey towards understanding what constitutes good food I was born in a middle-class vegetarian family in 1959. My earliest memories of food centre around the images of my mother serving hot and delicious food, straight from the pot into our plates. I also remember harvesting various vegetables and herbs from our kitchen garden, which was irrigated by the

Pass the saunf

By Naini Setalvad An Indian meal is incomplete without the popular mouth freshener known as saunf. It is also loaded with many healing properties, discovers Naini Setalvad What is fennel? Simply saunf or varyali. An Indian meal is incomplete without fennel. It is a popular digestive eaten after a meal all over the country. It is also an important component of the paan (the rolled up betel leaf stuffed with all sorts of delectable

Zap your zits

By Deepak Acharya Pulverise your pimples into extinction with a panoply of herbal easy to source ingredients, says Dr Deepak Acharya Acne may not rank as a life-threatening disease, but for almost all teenagers, it constitutes a major tragedy. At a time when self-esteem is most intimately tied with one’s appearance, along comes the acne to rain upon our parade. But there is hope. There exist a plethora of herbal

Turn back the clock

By Shivi Verma A simple process called Energetic Facelift can restore your skin, turn back aging and energise you, says Shivi Verma Some months back, I received a call from a licensed practitioner of Access Bars in Mumbai, asking me to experience an Energetic Facelift in her class. The therapy claimed to restore one’s youth and beauty. I was intrigued. My under eyes had begun to show fine lines ever since I had