From illness to illumination

By Sanjiv Ranjan Through a range of powerful insights, and transformational exercises, Sanjiv Ranjan unfolds the secrets of the self-healing journey Even your bodies, perishable as they seem, could certainly resist degeneration, did you but love each cell of them – with equal zeal. Mikhail Naimy in The Book of Mirdad     Self-healing is the state of being where you enter into a deep communion with

Twenty first century witchcraft

By Jamuna Rangachari   When Anna Parkinson was told that her brain tumour was inoperable, it was the beginning of a new life, which enhanced her health, happiness and purpose, says Jamuna Rangachari Anna : Accessing a whole new world through healing It was 2002. Anna Parkinson, then 48, a news and current affairs producer with the BBC, where she had been working for the last 20 years, had not a care in the

The miracle of health

By Renu Agrawal Renu Agrawal shares her story of recovering to normalcy from a state of great debility In January 2009, a renowned neurologist in Delhi advised me to undergo immediate surgery on both my wrists for carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS) which had deteriorated over four years to such an extent that I had stopped driving and writing. In fact, simple tasks like holding a plate or a mobile for more than 15 seconds

Healing the world

By Shivi Verma The healing journeys of great healers of the world prove the body-mind connection of illnesses, and inspire us to take responsibility for our ailments, says Shivi Verma Most of the people featured in this article started as ordinary souls, who mutated into guiding lights by surmounting their terminal illness, and birthing new therapies that have helped millions of people the world over. Their stories

The biology of fear

By Shivi Verma Fear is the greatest creator of diseases, and the road to good health involves facing and conquering our fears, says Shivi Verma I suffered from eczema, psoriasis, stomach disorders and depression for a pretty long time. I sought help in medications but they provided only temporary relief. I blamed my diseases for my lack of dynamism, and lack of material progress in life. In a way I hid behind my

Enjoying the sunshine

By Gopa Roy When Gopa Roy asserted her right to be treated with respect, she recovered from a longstanding allergy to the sun It began one summer morning, about two decades ago, while I was sitting at the window seat of a bus on my way to college. I felt the sun warming me and suddenly there was a prickling sensation at a spot on my neck. Later in the evening, the spot began to itch and tiny rashes appeared, but they