The keys to the kingdom

When we release the forces that throttle love and mire our lives in a wasteland, we will inherit the love that is our birthright, says Sanjiv Ranjan My little heart loses its limits in joy“At the immortal touch of thy hands And gives birth to utterance ineffable Thy infinite gifts come to me Only on these very small hands of mine Ages pass and still thou pourest And still there is room to

Scintillating show

The Life Positive Expo, Delhi, 2014, met with an unprecedented response and stood out for its remarkable combination of unique workshops, profound discourses and free-to-all exhibition, says Punya Srivastava LP feels like family,” remarked Krishna Singh, one of the participants at the Life Positive Expo, Delhi. True indeed! And with every passing year, this family is increasing, thanks to our

The psychic breath

Apart from the physical breath, there is the psychic breath that heals and yokes, says Shameem Akthar   Before I started on yoga if anybody had told me that the breath had another movement apart from what transpired at the nostrils, I would have laughed at the person, and thought them mad. But today, after a matter of daily practice and teaching, I am humbled to realise how wrong I and my rational mind

The master's mind

Meet Pradeep Pawar, an acclaimed Marathi trainer and facilitator and an enlightened soul. In conversation with Suma Varughese I was introduced to Pradeep Pawar by a reader who sent me such an appreciative and obviously genuine mail about him that I was intrigued and decided to meet up. Mr Pawar is one of the leading trainers and facilitators in Maharashtra, holding programmes in Marathi that have

The flavour of life

We can’t do without salt, the most essential of ingredients, says Naini Setalvad Come summer, and chances are high that excessive sweating can reduce our salt content, and expose us to dehydration. This loss of salt can be dangerous and lead to low blood sodium, known as “hyponatremia”. Salt is essential to maintain the pH balance of the body, so when its level falls, it affects the entire body.

Then and now

Neesha Naronha traces the trajectory of her celebrations across the last 20 years, and finds herself at a place where she no longer needs money or drinks to fuel the fun It may not be good for my “image” to admit this, but in the interest of being honest, in my late teens and early 20s, I succumbed to drinking alcohol socially. It wasn’t like I overdid it, just a glass or two at