Yes, you can!

Cancer can be cured if you are willing to try a combination of therapies, work on your mind, adopt an optimisticattitude, and have faith in the Divine, says Shivi Verma   A graphic representation of how the cancer cell forms and mutates I used to admire a tall and dusky woman who I met every day on my suburban train commute. Many times we exchanged smiles and pleasantries. Suddenly, she stopped

Leave the body alone!

By Suma Varughese Suma Varughese is finally learning to leave the body alone instead of fretting and fuming about its state of health I have just come back from a wonderful holiday to South Africa. The notable thing was that my health kept very well while I was there. My sinus problem lifted, and so did the IBS. I was able to eat virtually everything including fries and dairy without any reaction. I do remember that I told myself

Freedom from certainty

Poet and art curator Arundhathi Subramaniam shares with Suma Varughese some snapshots of her life post spirituality   You were a card-carrying intellectual before spirituality happened. How different are you now? Was I?! Perhaps I was. But honestly, I don’t think my journey has really been from ‘sceptic’ to ‘believer’. It’s been more from

Yoga basics

Many basic practices of yoga are being done away with in today’s more lax environment, laments Shameem Akthar There has been such a heartening interest in all things to do with yoga. However, in this rush, much of the classic requirements that are a must before you get on the mat or while on the mat, are totally neglected. This may have to do with the fact that a class has a set time and a lot of the

The Himalayan seer

His Holiness, the Gyalwang Drukpa, whose lineage of Tibetan Buddhism has spiritual sovereignty over Ladakh, Kathmandu, and Bhutan, talks to Punya Srivastava about his early childhood, upliftment of women, and the importance of kindness   His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa – the head of the Drukpa order of Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism,  is quite a revolutionary. He is known across

Naked before the Lord

The tales that correlate Krishna with women and their clothes are analogies of the absolute surrender that the spiritual path demands, says Narendra Murthy  Clothes, women and Krishna! What fascinating tales they make up together. How wondrously they are linked. At one point, we find the teenage Krishna stealing the clothes of the gopis, and maneuvering them into exposing their naked bodies to his gaze.