Thou shalt have fun!

By Suma Varughese Never underestimate the importance of having fun. Not only does it give you important physical, and emotional benefits but it is also a sound barometer of your spiritual evolution, says Suma Varughese It doesn’t take much to have fun. Every child knows that. You only have to see a little girl skipping her way to the shop to carry an errand for her mother while humming a tuneless song, or see a little boy

Meet the speakers

Q&A with Swami Shraddananda Giri and Swami Sarvapriyananda, both of who will be speaking at the first Life Positive Expo in Kolkata on August 23-24, 2014   “Realization must be lived.” –  What inspired you to move into spirituality? I suppose you could say it was samskaras – tendencies towards spiritual life which I had from childhood which finally culminated in the

Apostle of holistic healing

By Jamuna Rangachari Meet Dr Ruedigar Dahlke, whose books and CDs outlining the spiritual causes of diseases, has taken Europe by storm, says Jamuna Rangachari Germany-based Dr Ruedigar Dahlke defies all narrow labels. A doctor and psychotherapist since 1979, Dr Ruedigar is also a qualified naturopath and homeopath. His capacity to straddle the fields of mind and body, allopathy and alternatives, have given him the breadth and

Yoga with mantras

By Shameem Akhtar Practising asanas in combination with uttering beej mantras and visualizations, can halt the chattering mind, says Shameem Akhtar In various aspects of yoga, beej mantras – which mean seed sounds – are used as part of the physical practices. In alternate nostril breathing, when beej mantras are used, it becomes a different and complete practice in itself, called samanu. It involves directing the

Soul mates forever

By Suma Varughese Dr Newton and Dr Lakshmi Kondaveti, renowned practitioners of past-life regression, talk to Suma Varughese on how spirituality has shaped their lives and thoughts Dr Newton Kondaveti and his wife, Dr Lakshmi, look like fresh-faced youngsters just out of college. And yet, in the spiritual world, their names command tremendous respect and love. If past-life regression is virtually a household practice today, a

In the light of the inner sun

By Anahita Sanjana “If we are resentful towards a particular person, it is a much more serious problem than one impaired relationship. That resentment is preventing us from attaining our native state.” -Eknath Easwaran Asmita`s mind darkened with resentment as it registered the praise being lavished on her best friend Aanya for winning the `Employee of the year award` in the finance company they both worked