The quality of kindness

By Aparna Sharma When it comes down to brass tacks, all the religions, all the teachings, all the practises, distil into the simple capacity to be kind to the other, says Aparna Sharmaa   “So many gods, so many creeds, So many paths that wind and wind, While just the art of being kindIs all the sad world needs.”-Ella Wheeler Wilcox Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa had been appointed the priest in the

Being single and loving it

With an increasing number of women choosing to remain single, Punya Srivastava explores the phenomena and comes up with eye-opening insight. I was 23 at the time it started. Yes, the inevitable ‘when are you getting married?’ phase. It was amusing at first, even laughable. But soon every tea-time conversation revolved around prospective matches brought forward by a well-meaning lady, whom I had,

Aarti in Wonderland

Aarti Gupta attended the ‘I Can Do it’ conference organized by Louise L Hay in America and was mesmerized by the love and  powerful insights she received there Close your eyes for a moment and wish for the impossible to happen. Now open your eyes, and eureka, there it is. I had this very experience recently on my trip to the US. An experienced teacher, counselling psychologist and Reiki master

The Nirbhaya effect

The Sathe family outlines ways and means of handling the fear psychosis created by the Nirbhaya case, says Suma Varughese. The family had gathered as usual for Sunday dinner. The monsoon was still holding sway over Mumbai, and the family was tucking into hot sweet corn soup and garlic bread, followed by steaming pasta. Outside, the rain fell merrily, and the family thought contentedly of water tanks and lakes

Spirit over mind and matter

The mind and the body are finally becoming subservient to the spirit, says Suma Varughese. The journey to become who we really are can only conclude when we dissolve the person we think we are. In other words, the mind-made construct of thoughts, feelings and reactions which is known as the ego. The difficulty is that this construct seems so solid, so us. When thoughts, feelings, or strong reactions invade

Arab wisdom on a platter

Alia Almoayed, nutritional therapist from the Kingdom of Bahrain, and author of the newly released book,I Want Healthy Kids, talks to Punya Srivastava on the benefits of healthy eating Alia’s book launch in Mumbai: The author with a celebrity panel including nutritionists Dr Vijaya Venkat, Shonaalii Sabherwaal and Niti Desai. Chairman of Life Positive, Aditya Ahluwalia and Editor-in-chief