The flower of innocence

By Shivi Verma Innocence is power. All spirituality is about rediscovering the purity and the innocence we were born with, and which we lost in the trauma of growing up, says Shivi Verma.  Genius is the recovery of childhood at will. -Arthur Rimbaud Innocence is our purest state of being. It is the way each one of us is intrinsically created. Our essence is unblemished purity, with clear hearts and minds. In short, the

Invoke the goddess of prosperity

By Badal Suchak The Ashtalakshmi Strota celebrates wealth in all its eight manifestations, of which money is only one part, says Badal Suchak. A Diwali special Honestly speaking, having money has instilled in me a certain sense of peace and security. At the beginning of my professional life, lack of sufficient money used to be a source of stress and anxiety. Moreover, I used to feel close-hearted as I counted every penny spent.

Healing for Gaia

By Life Positive Every 24 hours, there are clocks striking 9:09 in one or the other corner of the world, twice a day. Swami Shraddhananda, Founder of One Light Many Windows, proposes that this rather odd point of time be dedicated to offering universal gratitude to our beloved Mother Earth, twice daily. Swami Shraddhananda is a Himalayan hermit who is regarded as a spiritual guide by the Gaia community network.The Gaia Minute, as

Say sorry!

By Suma Varughese The Sathe family discovers the importance of saying sorry when you are in the wrong, says Suma Varughese  The Sathes were just finishing their dinner one Sunday night when all hell broke loose. It happened thus. Alka, who had a knowing smile on her face, suddenly announced to no one in particular, “Nisha has a boy friend.” A fork clattered to the ground as an unnerved Nisha sat up bolt upright

Let food be your medicine

By Punya Srivatsava Punya Srivastava meets Dr John McDougall, the internationally renowned advocate of the plant-based diet, whose prescription for good health is vegan oil-free food. For a renowned physician and nutritionist who has popularized the validity of plant-based diets the world over, Dr John A McDougall, MD, is an unassuming man of 67 with steel grey hair, a fit and lean physique, a crinkly smile, and a sense of humor.

No news is good news!

Eschewing the ‘news’ in papers or TV was the sanest choice he ever made,says Warina Tilli Whenever I break my promise to myself and read a newspaper or scan a website to see what’s going on in the world, I feel awful. Sometimes, I get a splitting headache. You can’t blame me, though, what with all the horror stories that the media relentlessly bombards us with – stories about suicide bombings in this