Turning points

By Shivi Verma When people pick up the gauntlet thrown by life, they change the course of their lives and that of their community indelibly, says Shivi Verma Many years ago when Doordarshan was the only channel on TV, a science-based programme hosted by actor Naseeruddin Shah called Turning Point became the talking point of the nation. It premised that if Indians, who were largely tradition- and custom-bound,

Rock the boat

By Suma Varughese The only way to safeguard our relationships is to express what needs to be expressed. But can we do it in a way that is respectful of the other, and also strengthens the relationship? asks Suma Varughese There can be no doubt that relationships are among the most challenging aspects of our lives. And they therefore offer the most potential for growth. If we can learn to perfectly balance our needs with the

Glutenfree goodies

By Naini Setalvad With the rise in gluten intolerance across the world, Naini Setalvad offers some healthy and tasty alternatives to wheat. Gluten-free diets are gaining a lot of popularity today and more and more people are wanting to follow it. Gluten allergy, which was earlier confined to the far East-Asian people, is now spreading around the world. Though a growing number of people dodging gluten don’t have celiac

A field of energy

By Shameem Akhtar The recognition that you are a field of energy serviced by the chakra system, will help you on the mat, says Shameem Akhtar Shameem Akhtar Today, everybody is aware of chakras, as whirlpools of energy centres. Excitingly, to hold this idea throughout your sadhana or yoga practice will help fast forward your progress on the mat. This explains why yoga is such a rage: once you hit the mat, even

The best sadhana is spreading love

By Suma Varughese Meet Balarishi Sri Vishwashirasini, a young and vibrant spiritual adept, whose ashram, Vishwashirasini Bala Peedham is based in Coimbatore. Interview by Suma Varughese; Introduction by Arundhathi Subramaniam I first met Balarishi at a Guru Sangamam, a conclave of Indian spiritual guides, held in New Delhi a few years ago. I remember first being taken aback by her youth, and then struck by her radiant presence

Apostle of oneness

By Dr Kumari de Sachy Swami Satchidananda, the internationally recognised founder of Integral Yoga, and the founder of the spiritual community, Yogaville, in Virginia USA, was among the pioneer spiritual teachers to spiritualize the West. Dr. Kumari de Sachy paints his life portrait on his upcoming 100th birth anniversary   Swami Satchidananda: Symbol of unity in diversity   It all began on