Advantage Underdog

By Suma Varughese The underdog attracts sympathy, but few would bet on his success, says Suma Varughese. However, there are surprising advantages to being an underdog, and surprising disadvantages to being a topdog. Read on for a perspective that upturns received wisdom Girish Gogia, a Mumbai-based 40-something, is a successful interior designer who has more than 15 successful mega projects to his

The 100-crore girl

Nina Lekhi, founder and chairperson of Baggit, a premier handbag brand, believes in learning, playing and sharing as the keys to attaining commercial success, says Shivi Verma When one thinks of Nina Lekhi, founder and CEO of Baggit, a famous handbag manufacturing brand, one thinks of success, enterprise, growth and creativity. I had seen this flagship store in many malls, and had noticed many women

Go slow

By Suma Varughese Suma Varughese is learning the paradoxical truth that slowing down helps you to speed up I type really fast, which is good.  However, a lot of misspellings creep in, and it takes me a while to clean the copy of its errors. I move fast too, darting here and there like a bird when I am cooking, cleaning the house, or doing any other activity. Yet in all that haste, I find that I have forgotten to fetch

Healing family dynamics

By Chitra Jha Walking on the path inevitably changes family dynamics, and highlights the importance of healing discordant energies, says Chitra Jha After I became sincere about my “personal growth”, I had no choice but to get out of my comfort zone, remove my social masks, and get ready to face my fears. But while I was patting myself on the back for being courageous enough to walk the path, and happily connected with

The story-telling tale

By Punya Srivatsava Storytelling has always been one of the most powerful and delectable ways to convey the truths of life. Though modern times reduced its popularity, it is making a roaring comeback, says Punya Srivastava Once upon a time…” Can one ever tire of hearing that phrase, resonant with the promise of immersion in some magical and endlessly fascinating world?  We love stories. We all do. We have grown up

The food principle

By Shameem Akhtar Shameem Akhthar explains why food before yoga practice is contra-indicated Yoga advises against eating before one’s practice. Many people think it is because yoga is an austerity practice and denial is part of its allure. Actually, yoga is very scientific. Denial, when initiated, is not for the sake of denial but to facilitate mental tone and physical longevity. In fact, yoga (unlike ayurveda) does not