Being present

When one is in it, it seems like the simplest, easiest, most natural state of mind, but present-moment consciousness is far from easy. The human condition is that we are anywhere but in the present. The content of our minds – thoughts, feelings, memories, desires, regrets, fantasies, resistances – all drive such a wedge between us and the moment, that we could well be said to be sleep-walking through life.

Now or Never

By Shivi Verma Life becomes a gift, an offering, when lived in the present moment. Consequently it becomes suffering and punishment when lived through the matrix of incessant thoughts. Know the power of present-moment awareness and apply it in your life, says Shivi Verma “Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now. Realise deeply

Marathon woman

By Suma Varughese Viewing herself as a long-distance runner has helped Suma Varughese persist in all enterprises What has always helped me, both on my spiritual journey, and in other areas of my life, is to view myself as a long-distance runner. From that perspective the many stumbles, falls and even crash landings are simply a part of the journey. They do not determine your identity, nor do they determine your destiny. You

Baba's girl

By Suma Varughese From early childhood, her life was infused by the presence of Shirdi Sai Baba and the many miracles it unfolded for her. Today, Vidushi Luthra stands poised to guide others on the path, says Suma Varughese How did your spiritual journey start? It started when I was very young. I used to have intuitions about forthcoming events, even world  events, while sitting in the confines of my home. I

From carbon to diamond

By Jamuna Rangachari When challenges weigh heavily upon us, we can use the pressure to transform into diamonds, instead of sinking into self-pity, says Jamuna Rangachari Ashok Kurien: Living testimony to the power of will and hope The one thing common to all of us are so-called problems, challenges or ‘bad karma’. However there really is nothing called ‘bad’ karma. There are only situations we

The power of self-discipline

By Sunil Parikh Without discipline, nothing can be achieved and contrarily, with discipline almost everything you are karmically entitled to, can be achieved, says Sunil Parikh, while telling you how.  Jitendra and Niyoci both attended my workshop at the same time. After six months, I noticed that Jitendra had achieved significant success in his life, while Niyoci was still struggling. Both had the same knowledge,