Edit Speak : Prolong your youth and beauty

Dear Reader, We live in paradigm shifting times. Almost everything we took for the truth is being stood on its head as we shift slowly from a materialistic understanding of life to a spiritual one. Our perspective on growing older too is shifting. Is it mandatory that we have to lose our beauty, grow wrinkled and grey, or fall ill? Or is there a way to retain our radiance and youthful appearance, no matter how old we are? Why not?

Conflicts in the air

The assumptions we have about others and situations can often steep us in misery and conflict. Punya Srivastava explores why we jump to conclusions and how we can heal from this habit Whenever people closest to me would not reply to my Whatsapp texts, or return my calls as soon as I wanted them to, the first thought to cross my mind would be that may be something had happened to them. This would

The Wiccan's world

By Punya Srivastava Daughter of the well-known Wiccan, Ipsita Roy Chakraverti, Deepta Roy Chakraverti discusses her life, learnings and her to-be-released book, Bhangarh to Bedlam in an interview with Punya Srivastava The word ‘witch’ usually conjures up an image of a hag with an elongated crooked nose, ready to ascend her broomstick, when not bubbling up vicious potions in a cauldron! Or, for some of us, the word

A Himalayan idyll

By Suma Varughese Suma Varughese speaks to Maa Gyaan Suveera, a spiritual teacher and guide who lives in her beautiful Hermitage in the upper reaches of the Rishikesh mountains, overlooking the foamy, frisky, sublime Ganga I visited Maa Gyaan’s ashram on my visit to Rishikesh last year. Situated very close to the Vashista Guha where sage Vashista is said to have meditated, the Hermitage is an utterly charming

Move your bowels

By Naini Setalvad Constipation is not just a common problem, it is also very trying. Naini Setalvad offers a variety of measures to resolve it. Constipation is a problem not everyone feels comfortable to discuss. Therefore, those who experience it suffer in silence. There are several types of constipation, mostly characterized by difficulty in passing motion. Either the stool is painful, or too little or too hard.

Hope for the hopeless

By Jamuna Rangachari More and more are working their way out of the thickets of diseases written off by allopathy through the application of alternative therapies. Jamuna Rangachari  profiles a number of such inspirational stories As Charles Dickens observed about another era, we live in the worst of times and the best of times. Our unnatural lifestyles and resultant heavy karma are unleashing a glut of